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Edited Dec. 28, 2014: Breaking Currents has been removed and is now only an excerpt. The entire Siren Song novella will be available in January 2015.

Breaking Currents has been published, a 4500 word story featuring a m/m pair. It is the final installation of the Siren Song novella and is preceded by Like Dark Algae, Bright Storm, Run Aground, Barnacle Tide and One Last Song.

Uh…so…I accidently/on purpose didn’t write any Author Notes last week after I published One Last Song because frankly I couldn’t think of anything to say. Most of the comments I could say about the writing process and of the story itself have already been said and anything else would be spoiler-like or utterly pointless.

Like I said before, I’m going to have to edit Like Dark Algae since it was written long before I decided to extend the story into something bigger. Along with folding in some world building, I also have to fix a few details that I changed when writing the rest of the novella. I don’t intend on changing the story on my site though since I’m planning on pulling the stories shortly.

Thus…on Dec. 28th all the Siren Song stories will be pulled off my website, replaced with excerpts and republished for $2.99. If you have the desire to read it, I’d recommend you do so while it’s still free. The final version that will be going up will have the edits I talked about and possibly a couple hundred words of Caarafk’s Interludes at the end of each chapter. The added edits and words are not worth buying the novella if you’ve already read it, but if you want to support me and buy a copy anyway that is totally cool with me and I’ll think you’re awesome for it.

Next Sunday, Dec 28th: Clean Sweep (fantasy, short story, M/M) – Their first Christmas together might also be their last if they can’t sweep clean the ashes that have piled up since the file flickered out.