A Bridge Only Words Can Cross


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I sifted through tomes, both modern and ancient, searching through words, through glyphs, through sounds nonsensical to me until I found a book that he grasped tightly, refusing to release.

Armed then with his language, I could finally begin the far more magical journey of learning who he truly was.


Image by Masahiro Sawada;
The image is the Eighth down on the page
– of the floating library.

I wish I had a library comparable to this! As do most readers, I’d presume XD For this story, I imagined the library as a place that housed every book ever written, in every language, whether put to paper or not.

What would your two line story be?


When the Undead Dream


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Dawn came too soon in this land; he would have to find shelter, and quickly.

But not before he caught a first glimpse of a house only described to him in dreams, where dwelled a man his opposite in all things, the one who might complete him.


Image by Matthew Sellers
(Click to see the image that goes with the story)

This picture made me think of an undead rider, so that was the direction I ran in. Figure even after death he might have hopes and dreams and even the possibility of love :)

What would your two line story be?

Fool Me Thrice


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“I’d thought this time it’d be different: he’d turned down the job move, cut back his hours, yet here I am, once more sharing a cig with the level’s barge rat.”

“In my world, when a rat will not come home, there ceases to exist a home to come back to.”


Image by Alex Andreev

Bit of advice on some love life issues, as told by the resident barge rat. Think there’s probably a lot here you could use for pretty much any kind of story, but I liked the idea of relationship growing beyond its limit.

What would your two line story be? :)

All Who Wander


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He was called often to rescue the fools who wandered too far into the Brotshire’s acid swamps.

It took five trips traversed through narrow passages of wind-sheared air before he realized that this particular man had been losing himself on purpose in order to gain his attention.


Image by sandara (DeviantArt)

This was actually the first of the two liners I wrote. The POV man is supposed to be riding the beast, though I don’t explicitly state that, and I envisioned the two of them shaking their heads at ‘foreigners’ who keep wandering into danger XD

But, hey, they probably get paid! Especially this time around ;)

What would your two line story be for this fae/nightmare-crossed beast?

They Never Returned Whole


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“Containment crew report to Dock 102 for retrieval. All other personnel must leave the area immediately due to contamination possibility.”

I snuck into the observation deck, hands leaving sweaty marks against the glass. It had to be him. He had to be safe, returned to me.


Image by Dave Jones

The original picture I used for this story ended up being removed by the artist, so I chose another image that had a similar tone and setup to it. I also cheated on this one a little by using four lines instead of two. Because, because XD

I challenge myself to create both a romantic and a fantastical element for each story, so needed a bit extra to make this so.

What would your two (or four!) liner story be?

Wish Wings


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Choose a path, but be warned: they do not sleep, they do not eat, they do not waver.

Yet if you prove worthy, they will grant your request, as self-serving and immoral it might be to force a desire on a man who loves you not.


Image by Dallas-William (DeviantArt)

I admit, when I first looked at this image, I thought the figure was male. In my defense, it was a smaller size, more thumbnail I think, and on my phone. But my micro story works, male or female ;)

If you were to write a 2-Line Story, what would it be?

A Lofty Goal


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He took his morning tea outside, sipping slow and signing to his neighbor.

Days that marked only the first of many years of his sentence were spent contemplating how to bridge the gap between their cells so he might taste lips against his and feel flesh once more.


Image by Alexandr Melentiev

This is the first of what I’m doing this year from now on. I wanted to get back to weekly posting, but could not keep up with the short story output, so instead I’m doing…

Two Line Stories! XD

Yeah, it’s a lot less content than my full short stories or poems, but these will come with links to pretty pictures that I used as prompts, so you’ll be able to put a visual with the story to get a better emotive feel! Plus, shorter writing won’t take nearly as much time away from my novel writing :)

Aaand you can play along with me!

Using the image as a prompt, you can jot down your own two-liner in the comments, or even just whatever comes to mind. Or use it as inspiration for one of your own projects if you have any :)

I’d love to read whatever you come up with!

In their youth they were eleven


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In their youth they’d been eleven
come along in quick succession
One lost his way
on birthing day
A short trip from the heavens

Another tripped and hit her head
before her first words could be said
Her smile bright
yet face turned white
gone the sound of her soft tread

One boy did not stop to listen
youthful mind upon a mission
too far he swam
could not reach land
Later found by men out fishing

No medicine could cure a growth
written in one’s doctor’s notes
He fought so hard
his features marred
Was buried in a collared coat

Number five, a lovely woman
always was a friendly flirting
She passed along
with a sweet song
her memory uncertain

The only one to find a love
believed that passion was enough
She did not share
how much he cared
Deathly drops within his mug

Another coughed away her youth
though some still claim her mind astute
She tasted snow
found her old foe
sickness once more taking root

This one strayed to zones of war
where bullets whizzed to flesh they tore
His letters home
those well-read tomes
one day ceased their constant flow

This other fled to city life
where crime and passion bred new strifes
Her art imbued
an awful feud
with fuel that ended with a knife

The tenth achieved a high degree
that could not supplant pedigree
Her life she claimed
in heights of fame
sparking great controversy

He worked his fingers to the bone
without a house to call his own
and wondered why
the stars he spied
glittered spritely when alone

In their youth they’d been eleven
come and gone in quick succession
the gods connived
to cull their lives
stopping a bloodline’s doomed ascension

© EMMI LAWRENCE (12.4.2018)

His Pitfall


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* * *

Considering this is going to be my last scheduled short story (I will likely have others I publish in the future, but they’re going to be more related to novel publications than random ideas) I thought it fitting I go back to the very beginning.

His Pitfall is a story I began writing at the same time I started writing in this genre/shortly after starting this blog. It was, in fact, the second MM story I ever began writing (the first is where the idea of the Merandin Empire spawned and thus I can’t publish it as a standalone). But I look at this story as one that speaks to that beginning time frame.

It’s been re-written heavily, but you can still get the old feeling of my writing style creeping in all over the place. I’ve grown a lot since I wrote this story, so I know had I simply started it over entirely rather than re-written it, the story would be even better. But for some reason, this old thing holds a strange place in my heart, like a reminder of moments when I thought it impossible to write full-length novels. 

Most likely because the characters of Traice and Fiar feel very much like the precursors to Caliebb and De’vii from The Wilds Duology.

* * *

A shadow stood above him. Far above him.

For a few seconds, Traice struggled to claim his bearings, his body aching from the fall and weakened branches cracking under his weight. He squinted against the sunlight pouring around the darkened figure of a man, then cursed under his breath as the shadow shortened to a crouch, only a spear left straight and tall, the weapon seeming to pierce the canopy above.

Then came a droll voice. “I’d been hoping to catch something worthwhile today, but that’s out of the question after that howl you gave when you fell. Scared off anything within the vicinity.”

Traice ignored the teasing as he gingerly touched the side of his head. He took stock carefully, but it seemed he’d managed only scratches and sores sure to blossom into beautiful bruises come this evening.

“You okay?”

“Fiar,” muttered Traice as he sat up, popping the brush under his boot heels and crumbling dirt when he reached for the pit’s soil wall. He stood slowly before looking back up.

Vision now clear, he could see all of Fiar. The man, almost eight years Traice’s elder and boasting a sleeveless, dirty shirt and thick camouflaged pants, crouched at the edge of the pit, the butt of his spear resting upon the ground, the shaft resting casually against his shoulder.

Traice sighed, trying not to note the way Fiar’s skin shone in the afternoon sun. All gorgeously tan from being outside day after day. And that hair…a little bit of length up top and cut closer around the sides, was always a plethora of shades of brown from natural bleaching. Fiar’s eyes, too far away to see clearly—though Traice knew them to be a gentle green—bored into Traice in amusement.

“You going to help me out or just stare at me?” asked Traice.

“You can unravel a demon, but you can’t get out of a trap?” Fiar laughed and then leaned closer with a concerned expression. “You feeling all right? Break anything?”

Traice paused, pressing a hand against his side, then shook his head. “No, I’m good.”

An evil smile spread across Fiar’s face causing Traice to curse inwardly at his own stupidity. Continue reading

Walk the Snowy Passes


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Walk the snowy passes
Where the frost wolves guard
Cross the stone-capped arches
Where the golems bar

Dive the deepest rivers
Where the mermaids ford
Fly the pine-decked mountains
Where the simurgh lord

Dance the violet fields
Where the horned beasts herd
Search the jungle’s labyrinth
Where the dryads lure

Sing to heaven’s choir
Where the angels soar
Play with devil’s fire
Where the demons war

Raise your ice-tracked shield
Where the humans team
Fight the mundane living
With your magicked dreams

© EMMI LAWRENCE (11.17.2018)