Chapter One of Pup Games (A Houndmaster Novel)


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There are 16 days till Christmas. 12 days till Pup Games is released. 8 days till poem release. 5 days till Co’mil’s Interview. 3 days till La’vii’s Interview.

But there are 0 days until you get to read the first chapter of Pup Games!

Edit: I guess I should have added this link: Pre-order Here!

Chapter One

The first time I saw Co’mil he’d been schooling my brother on the sands of a doghouse. He won that fight with only three dogs, one of whom who had been gravely pregnant and had mostly just stood growling on the sidelines. My brother, a good seven years older than me with a pack of nine, had been left embarrassed, bloody and bitter in the center of the sands. I’d been left hard and gaping, my gaze locked on Co’mil’s wry expression as he shared a loving, celebratory kiss with one of his dogs.

I spent the rest of that night oscillating between listening to my brother moan about the unfairness of it all and imagining Co’mil’s thick arms around me, pushing me into creative positions that my thirteen-year-old self thought were creatively exciting, but in retrospect were admittedly tame.

Co’mil featured in arguably just about every fantasy I had after that for two years. Then I found flesh and blood partners more than willing to turn those fantasies into realities and Co’mil became nothing but an occasional nostalgic remembrance—as if a fifteen-year-old pup could even understand nostalgia, let alone feel it. The first time I tasted reality, lips soft against mine, nerves sparking, that unrequited crush shriveled to ash.

Or so I’d thought. Continue reading


Just a Typical Day in a Nurse’s Life


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See, it all started with this boy. Well, not so much a boy as a man. A young man with bright green guileless eyes and long blond locks and a body stolen from a god.

Yes, I know how it sounds. You’re thinking I must not have been thinking with my head—and you’d be right. He was just so…

And he moved in ways that…

And his voice…

His tongue…

I have no words to describe him, not in a way that might even draw near to capturing what he was truly like. Continue reading

November ’17, Briefly


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Holiday season is upon us! I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even started to wrap presents yet. Actually, I’ve only barely begun on decorations, if a table runner can be called a beginning.

November’s accomplishments and an announcement:

First half of November was spent conjointly finishing up a couple of things for Those Bloody Christmas Elves and working on Lost Isle. However, instead of this novel being set up for sale in December, I’ve set up Pup Games. The reason behind this is two-fold.

The first is because during the beginning of the month when I was working on finishing up the last few chapters in Lost Isle, I came to a difficult dilemma. I realized that in order to write the story I wanted to write I needed to toss the outlined ending I had in store and add another two plot-threads. This meant that instead of having a shorter 60k novel that I thought it would be, the novel is going to be closer to 100k. Which was something I wasn’t prepared for.

This change would also create a cliffhanger-type ending within the romantic arc rather than the HFN that was originally intended, which was the second problem because I don’t want to publish a cliffhanger without the second novel shortly following.

So I’ve made a swap in the schedule, exchanging Pup Games for Lost Isle. Pup Games is now set up for a December release since it’s a standalone with no cliffhanger ending. While Lost Isle will be released in the spring, closer to when it’s sequel will come out.

(A Houndmaster Novel)
December 21, 2017
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There’s a time for games…

No crush compares to reality. That’s what La’vii learns when the pregnancy of one of his dogs puts him in close proximity to his unrequited puphood crush. Only, instead of being worse than La’vii’s dreams, reality is far more intriguing than he’d ever imagined.

Co’mil is strong and sure, a steady presence that is everything La’vii’s ever desired. And at this moment, with a litter born and wreaking havoc in his pack’s collective mind, he can use all the support he can get. But Co’mil’s friendly, though reserved, behavior is confusing, his interest evident, but his rejection firm, leaving La’vii conflicted and desperately wanting more.

As his puphood crush dissolves, La’vii finds himself caught in the throes of a far more real emotion that seems as if it’ll never be reciprocated. By the time he discovers what Co’mil truly needs, La’vii isn’t sure he’s the houndmaster for the job or whether the reward is even worth the challenge.

A houndmaster coming of age novel set in the same world as The Wilds Duology.

I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season :)

Shadows born


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Shadows born from eerie evening light
sink below to play the black and white
a grim ritual to call all souls
to dance away the burden of their woes.

We watched, as young boys on the cusp of men
in the startled awe that led us then
our eyes on fire, our ears turned deaf
to warnings spread by those who’d left.

Those nameless wants and dreamless nights
spawned countless tumultuous depraved delights
that slowly stole our sense of time and space
blinding us to our very selves erased.

Shadows born to eerie morning light
lost among bleak music since twilight
now our ritual to bend our souls
to forget the lives for a pittance sold.

Publication Day! (Those Bloody Christmas Elves)


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I guess an early Merry Christmas is in store because it’s Publication Day for Those Bloody Christmas Elves! Available now for $2.99.

As always, here are a few tidbits about the writing of. This story is just shy of 40k so there isn’t quite as much about it as there are others, but here goes…

1.  Origins :)

Obviously this story came directly from wanting a holiday idea. It had to be contemporary, of course, but I wanted to do something different, something you didn’t see much of but that also included fantastical elements. Thus all the typical Christmas magic comes into play, but turned on its head so I could have an actual antagonist.

Please note: I am not against Christmas or lying to your kids about Santa. I do it myself :) I just thought it would be fun to mess with the idea.

2. Rebuilding

This story started out as 1st person to be written solely in Taylor’s POV. He’s pretty much against Christmas for some pretty understandable reasons, but that makes his beginning POV seem a little harsh despite all the good he’s attempting to do.

Because of that, and because I came up with a twist that required Greg’s POV, I did an overhaul of the beginning, altering the tense from 1st to 3rd and adding alternating chapters from Greg’s POV. This also allowed me to explain things smoother since Greg was the ignorant one who needed to ask the questions.

3. Search History

Yes, I now know how to make home-made smoke bombs and caltrops. This knowledge will likely never come in handy XD

4. Secret Scene!

So I had this scene I really wanted to write. A tiny one that would deal with an issue Greg has to handle on his own. Thing was, it didn’t truly fit into the narrative, wasn’t part of the romance and stood beyond the adventure aspect. So you got a secret scene at the end of this book because I wanted to write it anyway. :) Make sure you go past all the back matter to find it!

5. It’s Not Over Yet!

This is technically the first of three holiday stories. The plan is to write and publish the following two stories about Taylor and Greg in 2018 (Rise of the Snowmen) and 2019 (Christmas is Cancelled).

Because Santa isn’t happy…

Those Bloody Christmas Elves Teasers


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Two more days until Those Bloody Christmas Elves comes out! These are all teasers I posted on twitter, so a few of them have been mangled and cut down from their original lines in the story, but the essence is all there! Enjoy! <3


Continue reading

The Baywater and The Hurricane


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Siuvai returned to Gale Heights with an ancient denizen and a brand new name. Siuvai the Hurricane. It had a fierce ring to it, as if it represented a warrior or a dancer, someone in constant motion, a roaring force.

Everything Siuvai was not.

The denizen, Procella, churned within her totem, her power settled in Siuvai’s veins willingly, though with a discomfort that had made it difficult for Siuvai to sleep in the days since he’d found and freed the ancient force.

Gale Heights did little to settle his blood either. The great Heaven Falls poured into the sky betwixt Watertown and the Heights, its booming voice not as tranquil as it’d once been. In the other direction, Ashburg burned on through the night, flames of the tallest buildings licking at the undersides of the Steamstone Bridgeway that rose to the Height’s hovering islands.

Siuvai could occasionally feel the heat from the steam whenever the gusts whipping and whistling through the islands dragged it in its wake. Not for the first time, Siuvai considered moving closer to the other side of the city where crystallized homes wafted a chillier, dryer air upward into Gale Heights. Perhaps there he would find what he was looking for. Then again, leaving the Heights in favor of the serene lakes at the base of Watertown might prove more worthwhile.

When he finally found sleep it was out there upon his veranda, the never-ending roar of the Heaven Falls a crushing lullaby and the turbulent winds of Procella sweeping around his house, emptying the void his home had felt since Verravia.

He woke to Procella as well, a splash of sea-rain spraying against his face to alert him someone stood at the door. Siuvai pushed to his feet with a reluctance that sank all the way to his bones. With mind lagging still, he took his time straightening himself out before stepping off the veranda and inside the house proper. There he paused.

Procella had been busy. Her totem, freshly carved with swirling streaks of grey, hung swaying in satisfaction from his mantel above the hearth. His house could be aptly described as a disaster zone. The outer walls shook with a frenzy not seen since Saburranae, while oft-moving spinning columns pulsed throughout the room. Siuvai closed his eyes briefly as one such hurricane-strength column swept over his bathing area, spitting a jet of water across his small library and the dining table beyond.

Procella, please,” he murmured.

Her columns settled into more understandable and predictable patterns, shifting around the edges of the bathing space, the library and the sleeping area to give a sense of privacy within those sections of his house. The floor remained a slippery mess, spotted with ink-blurred paper, unworn clothes and odds and ends that Nim, Verravia or Mirrimati would have never thrown about. Procella swirled even more, that disconnect between them growing, yet her strength dimming. With another murmur, this time in apology, Siuvai stepped up to the door and willed the whirling wind and rain to part. It did, with a last spit that blew directly into the face of the man standing just outside the house.

“My apologies,” said Siuvai instantly, “I’m terrible at—” Continue reading

October ’17, Briefly


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What have I been up to this past month, you ask?

Just getting into the holiday spirit!


Taylor Yeristan has been at war with Santa’s nefarious helpers for over a decade. To him, kindergartner Mandy Westmill is merely one more kidnapped child in need of his help, and her father, Greg, just one more distraught parent to comfort and cajole into heading off to the police, far from the real battle.

Only, Taylor doesn’t reckon with Greg’s unflinching determination or his refusal to leave Taylor’s side until Mandy is safe. Nor does Taylor anticipate the fierce desire Greg’s intensity sparks. For he’s been battling the lies of Christmas alone for so long that opening himself to a potential partner is a vastly seductive idea.

Yet, allowing Greg to help comes with a risk, for he has a stake in this war now, one that compromises him heavily. But it’ll be Taylor who pays the ultimate price for their desires.


Cover designed by Perie Wolford


Those Bloody Christmas Elves is coming November 14th.
You can Pre-Order it now.
If you’re on my ARC Team you shall be getting your link ~Nov. 7th.


Also, Happy Halloween!

My kids are stocked up on enough candy to put them into a coma. So many horrifying clowns out this year :) And a few Captain Americas, though there was a dearth of Iron Man’s. I don’t blame them–the Captain is my favorite too ;)

Cover Reveal of Lost Isle (The Ocean’s Aviary I)


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So, I’ve been itching to share this with you because I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Island adventures with hidden magic and awesome birds! I know, right. Birds? But it’ll be cool. I promise! :)

Lost Isle: The Ocean’s Aviary I

When Edwin Vlaris is tossed off the ship The Torrent, he’s left to die with just his wits, his knowledge and his companion, a hard and handsome sailor with an incredible power of his own.

Coming December 2017!

EDIT: And I forgot to say who designed the cover!  The great team over at Deranged Doctor Design are responsible for this awesomeness!

Micro Poems Collection #1


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Masks of metal, wood and feather
hide secrets and their bearers
so we seek them by their stares


Chill wind cuts across your skin,
jagged blades of air.
A god’s breath, a demon’s howl
rising from its lair


A creature of spirit, a stolen beast
muscles and sinews made of souls
power, strength from a single heart


Across the thorns and winter ice
pixies frolic in the bramble
They bring the sparkle to the snow
then into holes they scramble


Tepid waters, sea salt sting
moonlight shivers, welcoming
twilight secrets, from the sea
engraved passage, to the deep