Dream - Curtain Chasers Book 3DREAM
Curtain Chasers Book Three
42k words
gay paranormal romance

Published July 15, 2015

Death is part of Clay’s job, but not generally part of his life. That changes when tragedy hits close to home. Now, he’s forced to start a hunt within his own town. And he has to do it without Jacob by his side.

But not even Clay’s partner, Danica, has faced this danger before, a danger no one has ever discovered how to kill. When an old enemy appears demanding Clay’s help and the police complicate matters, the power of the otherworld invades the town.

With Jacob out of reach and choices limited, Clay watches all his dreams of their future morph into one long sleepless nightmare.

Warning: This novella features fettered spirits, unclaimed dreams and a proposal gone awry.

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