SIREN SONGSiren Song - High Resolution
40k words
gay fantasy romance

Published Jan 9, 2015

Is it only the facade of desire driving him back?

The Nest of the northern sirens is a jagged island filled with the bones of their victims and the egg sacs of their young. Strands of their hair decorate the rocks while scales gather in the tide pools and human skulls clack in the wind.

No one goes there willingly. No one leaves there alive.

With his father wasting away to disease, Rikel risks the seductive songs of the sirens, hoping he can fool them long enough to survive. Like every other man and woman before him, he is enthralled, powerless and full of lust for the siren who sings for him.

Yet, the siren–Caarafk–doesn’t seem like the others after he makes a choice that leaves Rikel both confused and song sick. Need burns in his veins and desire simmers through his nerves, making temptation stick like barnacles to his mind and body. As Rikel’s resistance to the siren’s thrall weakens, tragedy strikes, leading Rikel straight into Caarafk’s arms in a song-sick haze, unsure whether or not he’s making a deadly mistake.

Warning: This novella features a siren who hates his voice, magically induced dubious consent and a whole lot of man on man water action.

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