The Ocean’s Aviary

The Ocean’s Aviary I

Published Mar 23 2021

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When cartographer Edwin Vlaris is tossed off the ship, The Torrent, he’s left to die with just his wits, his skills and his companion, Ben Keel, a hard and handsome sailor with an incredible power of his own.

They find themselves fighting for survival on the Giant’s Whip Isles, previously thought to be nothing but myth. Yet there are secrets lost within these isles—secrets of beasts and birds, both wondrous and dangerous, and of a mystical current that can be bent to human will. A current that could make any ship an unstoppable force across the entire Serene Ocean.

However, they are not the only ones seeking out the current. Between dangers of gryphon claws and sailor cutlasses, Edwin and Ben must find a way to work together in order to have a chance of escaping the isles. But Ben was called traitor among the crew of The Torrent and a lust for that magical current is strong enough he may very well find it easy to turn traitor again, his promises to Edwin mere manipulation and lies.

And if Edwin can’t trust Ben, then he’ll truly be alone on the most dangerous isle in the ocean.

This novel is the beginning of the trilogy, The Ocean’s Aviary, and takes place along a series of isles within the Serene Ocean. Come prepared for pirates, a vast collection of magical birds, and the rambling words of a madman.

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The Ocean’s Aviary Book II

Forthcoming 2023