Curtain Chasers Trilogy

Curtain Chasers Book One
28k words

Published May 15, 2015


For three years, Clay Devlin has been stuck in an alley, hanging suspended between worlds. He yearns to be free. Even if that means facing consequences from a mistake he made before someone caged his soul on the wrong side of a newly opened curtain.

So when Jacob Hunt wanders down Clay’s alley, desire overwhelms good sense. Not just the desire to be free, but the desire for some normalcy and the touch of another man against his skin once more. But Jacob is a hotspot hunter with a famous blog, thousands of fans and a one-track mind. His attention could easily be motivated by manipulation rather than true attraction and his promises as empty as the alley Clay calls home.

Being free might be worth the risk of trusting Jacob. But if he’s wrong, and Jacob Hunt is just another selfish curtain chaser, Clay will find himself stuck on the wrong side of that curtain. Forever.

Warning: This novella involves alley hookups, wasted whiskey and a trip into the otherworld.

Grave - Curtain Chasers Book 2GRAVE
Curtain Chasers Book Two
37k words

Published June 15, 2015


 When Clay Devlin receives a call from his lover, Jacob Hunt, he hopes for a tryst that might rekindle their fading relationship. Instead, he gets hired.

Jacob wants Clay to help a young boy who is bound to a curtain in much the same way Clay had recently been. Only, this curtain is home to another entity as well, one far more dangerous.

As Clay hunts for a way to save the boy, he finds himself rediscovering the easy companionship and heightened passion he’d shared with Jacob. Just this time with the constant reminder that Jacob might be planning on leaving him behind once the case is closed.

But when the situation turns deadly, Clay must choose between giving up the freedom he’d fought so hard to gain or losing Jacob completely. And time is slipping away with every agonizing step forward.

Warning: This novella features a lost grave, hidden heartache and takes place where death and violence breed powerful beings and not everything is as it seems.

Dream - Curtain Chasers Book 3DREAM
Curtain Chasers Book Three
42k words

Published July 15, 2015


Death is part of Clay’s job, but not generally part of his life. That changes when tragedy hits close to home. Now, he’s forced to start a hunt within his own town. And he has to do it without Jacob by his side.

But not even Clay’s partner, Danica, has faced this danger before, a danger no one has ever discovered how to kill. When an old enemy appears demanding Clay’s help and the police complicate matters, the power of the otherworld invades the town.

With Jacob out of reach and choices limited, Clay watches all his dreams of their future morph into one long sleepless nightmare.

Warning: This novella features fettered spirits, unclaimed dreams and a proposal gone awry.

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