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Emmi Lawrence is an MM fantasy romance author who loves reading, writing and video games and tends to avoid cooking whenever possible. She also suffers from an unhealthy obsession for a specific reality show where the contestants eat a lot of rice. She lives in Maryland with her family.

Updated Bitty News!

Christmas is Cancelled (Deadly Holidays #3) is scheduled for a November/December 2021 release. You can find information on the series here.

Murder in Color (DaSunder Chronicles #2) is scheduled for a Summer 2022 re-release. You can find information on the series here.

Canvas Blues is an ongoing serial published in small chapters here on my website. It is done in both a past and a present timeline featuring the same character as he investigates deaths throughout his life.


2021-0963-emmi-lawrence-b01-2 SHATTER BY GLASS
DaSunder Chronicles #1
(gay fantasy romance/murder mystery)

Published June 22 2021

Available on Amazon

When Detective Brettoni Rhodes is called to a murder scene outside the desert city of DaSunder, he doesn’t expect the victim to be one of two sand conjurers who had fled years ago after an accident they’d caused. His past doesn’t stop there, for Luca Baino, the second man who had fled DaSunder and Brett’s old flame, suddenly appears looking to rekindle their relationship. But all evidence in this investigation steadily points to another conjurer, one who can turn sand into glass. And the suspect pool with that capability is light, with Luca at the very top.

Every step of the way, Brett finds more and more reason to suspect Luca of murdering his own friend, his rekindled interest in Brett mere manipulation. With conjured creatures attacking DaSunder and the governor demanding a quick, brutal end to the bloodshed and chaos, there is little time to discover the truth. For the harsh laws of DaSunder hang low and ominous over the investigation, demanding retribution, and no one, including Brett, wants to be caught in that trap.

As the body count rises and the evidence mounts, Brett isn’t sure he can save Luca from the executioner’s axe. Or whether he should even try.


The Ocean’s Aviary I
(adventure fantasy/gay romance)

Published March 23rd 2021

Available Now on Amazon

When cartographer Edwin Vlaris is tossed off the ship, The Torrent, he’s left to die with just his wits, his skills and his companion, Ben Keel, a hard and handsome sailor with an incredible power of his own.

They find themselves fighting for survival on the Giant’s Whip Isles, previously thought to be nothing but myth. Yet there are secrets lost within these isles—secrets of beasts and birds, both wondrous and dangerous, and of a mystical current that can be bent to human will. A current that could make any ship an unstoppable force across the entire Serene Ocean.

However, they are not the only ones seeking out the current. Between dangers of gryphon claws and sailor cutlasses, Edwin and Ben must find a way to work together in order to have a chance of escaping the isles. But Ben was called traitor among the crew of The Torrent and a lust for that magical current is strong enough he may very well find it easy to turn traitor again, his promises to Edwin mere manipulation and lies.

And if Edwin can’t trust Ben, then he’ll truly be alone on the most dangerous isle in the ocean.

This novel is the beginning of the trilogy, The Ocean’s Aviary, and takes place along a series of isles within the Serene Ocean. Come prepared for pirates, a vast collection of magical birds, and the rambling words of a madman.


A Deadly Holidays Novel
(gay fantasy/adventure fantasy)


Where the angels creep and the snowmen feed…none survive.

It’s Christmas once again and Taylor Yeristan is on the prowl, searching for any devilish elves who might be infiltrating his town with their child-thieving intentions. Only, Christmas seems to be peaceful this year, with no indication the elves have returned.

At least not to this town.

He begins to think he should have left, chased the elves to their new hunting ground instead of remaining with Greg Westmill and his half-pint daughter, Mandy, for the selfish reason of desiring a permanent relationship. He can’t shake the guilt that he has condemned other children all for the sake of his own comfort.

Then an angel flexes her powdery wings. The snowmen begin to gather. For a white Christmas is on its way with all its deadly beauty.

This is a gay fantasy romance, sequel to Those Bloody Christmas Elves.


Vignettes Regarding the Artwork of Brendon Kotes

This ongoing novel started serializing Jan 29th 2020

When the lawyer Orion Livesey invites himself into Brendon Kotes’ studio to return a painting, the man comes with insinuations and questions that skim into the realm of impossibility. For he claims Brendon’s painting has killed a man.

But a painting is just a painting and Brendon’s are no different despite Orion’s insistence otherwise. And though Brendon resists the idea his art could be dangerous, there are moments in his past that begin to surface, pieces of a puzzle he didn’t even realize existed coalescing despite all his attempts to keep them buried.

Questions he doesn’t want to know the answer to begin to knock about his mind, for what destruction in his past could he have been responsible for without ever even knowing.