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Emmi Lawrence is an MM fantasy romance author who loves reading, writing and video games and tends to avoid cooking whenever possible. She also suffers from an unhealthy obsession for a specific reality show where the contestants eat a lot of rice. She lives in Maryland with her family.

New Release! DEC 15 2020

A Deadly Holidays Novel
(gay fantasy/adventure fantasy)


Where the angels creep and the snowmen feed…none survive.

It’s Christmas once again and Taylor Yeristan is on the prowl, searching for any devilish elves who might be infiltrating his town with their child-thieving intentions. Only, Christmas seems to be peaceful this year, with no indication the elves have returned.

At least not to this town.

He begins to think he should have left, chased the elves to their new hunting ground instead of remaining with Greg Westmill and his half-pint daughter, Mandy, for the selfish reason of desiring a permanent relationship. He can’t shake the guilt that he has condemned other children all for the sake of his own comfort.

Then an angel flexes her powdery wings. The snowmen begin to gather. For a white Christmas is on its way with all its deadly beauty.

This is a gay fantasy romance, sequel to Those Bloody Christmas Elves.


Vignettes Regarding the Artwork of Brendon Kotes

This novel started serializing Jan 29th 2020

When the lawyer Orion Livesey invites himself into Brendon Kotes’ studio to return a painting, the man comes with insinuations and questions that skim into the realm of impossibility. For he claims Brendon’s painting has killed a man.

But a painting is just a painting and Brendon’s are no different despite Orion’s insistence otherwise. And though Brendon resists the idea his art could be dangerous, there are moments in his past that begin to surface, pieces of a puzzle he didn’t even realize existed coalescing despite all his attempts to keep them buried.

Questions he doesn’t want to know the answer to begin to knock about his mind, for what destruction in his past could he have been responsible for without ever even knowing.


The Ocean’s Aviary I
(adventure fantasy/gay romance)

Coming March 23rd 2021

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When cartographer Edwin Vlaris is tossed off the ship, The Torrent, he’s left to die with just his wits, his skills and his companion, Ben Keel, a hard and handsome sailor with an incredible power of his own.

They find themselves fighting for survival on the Giant’s Whip Isles, previously thought to be nothing but myth. Yet there are secrets lost within these isles—secrets of beasts and birds, both wondrous and dangerous, and of a mystical current that can be bent to human will. A current that could make any ship an unstoppable force across the entire Serene Ocean.

However, they are not the only ones seeking out the current. Between dangers of gryphon claws and sailor cutlasses, Edwin and Ben must find a way to work together in order to have a chance of escaping the isles. But Ben was called traitor among the crew of The Torrent and a lust for that magical current is strong enough he may very well find it easy to turn traitor again, his promises to Edwin mere manipulation and lies.

And if Edwin can’t trust Ben, then he’ll truly be alone on the most dangerous isle in the ocean.

This novel is the beginning of the trilogy, The Ocean’s Aviary, and takes place along a series of isles within the Serene Ocean. Come prepared for pirates, a vast collection of magical birds, and the rambling words of a madman.



(gay fantasy romance)

Published July 28th 2017

Behind every door lies another memory.

Early one morning, Roan Baylor is disturbed by the ghost of his neighbor. A ghost who loudly proclaims himself to be not a ghost at all. In a moment of curiosity-laced intrigue, Roan agrees to help the not-ghost find his way back into his body.

This first meeting with Ari Nix, an expressive and intense young man, begins a whirlwind affair between them both, one that has Roan doubting his own mind. For Ari knows things, secrets, both strange and wonderful, that he shares with Roan. But the biggest secret of all is the one Ari refuses to share, a memory he says will make Roan hate him.

Roan doesn’t want to return to a life without Ari, yet he can’t help but think they aren’t meant to be together. For Roan always knows a lie when he hears one. And Ari isn’t lying.

Haunt of The Wilds eBook CoverHAUNT OF THE WILDS
The Wilds Duology: Book I
(gay romance/adventure fantasy novel)

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Published December 3rd

The wild will reign.

When Houndmaster De’vii and his pack take on a seemingly innocuous escort job, things quickly spiral out of control. Creatures straight from a death plane hide within the unfamiliar country and the people he’s supposed to rely on to help have their own darker motivations.

And then there’s De’vii’s alluring charge.

Caliebb Renaveri is harmless and quiet, yet also manages to stir the wild in every dog in De’vii’s pack. He can’t afford to allow the wildness to take over, nor can he abandon the job. But Caliebb is more than he appears and stronger than he seems and by the time De’vii realizes just how dangerous Caliebb truly is he stands to lose everything he holds dear: his mind, his life and his pack. 

During the month of November I completed an A-Z Challenge where I posted a new (free) teaser for The Wilds Duology every day (but Saturdays). All the free extra stories and snippets have been added to The Wilds Duology book page.

 SONG FOR THE WILDSSong For The Wilds eBook Cover
The Wilds Duology: Book II
(gay romance/adventure fantasy novel)

Available Now for 4.99
Published December 24th

A dogfight is rising.

Despite leaving Caliebb behind months before, De’vii can’t forget him. His pack won’t allow it. De’vii can’t forget, yet he can’t return, not without putting Caliebb at risk of being torn apart by De’vii’s world simply because of who and what he is.

But the world of dogs and houndmasters is beginning to crumble. Wilds are encroaching onto civilized land. War hangs in the air, ready and waiting to fall. And De’vii stands in the center: not truly civilized and not entirely wild.

Far away, Caliebb is finally discovering his own strength, because for the first time in his life he has a reason to risk everything he’s ever known. And he isn’t about to let De’vii fight alone.

(A Houndmaster Novel)
(coming of age fantasy/gay romance)

Published Dec. 21st 2017
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There’s a time for games…

No crush compares to reality. That’s what La’vii learns when the pregnancy of one of his dogs puts him in close proximity to his unrequited puphood crush. Only, instead of being worse than La’vii’s dreams, reality is far more intriguing than he’d ever imagined.

Co’mil is strong and sure, a steady presence that is everything La’vii’s ever desired. And at this moment, with a litter born and wreaking havoc in his pack’s collective mind, he can use all the support he can get. But Co’mil’s friendly, though reserved, behavior is confusing, his interest evident, but his rejection firm, leaving La’vii conflicted and desperately wanting more.

As his puphood crush dissolves, La’vii finds himself caught between the painful choice of either pushing for more or accepting the inevitable. And by the time he discovers what Co’mil truly needs, La’vii isn’t sure he’s the houndmaster for the job or whether the reward is even worth the challenge.

A novel set in the same world as The Wilds Duology.


(adventure fantasy/gay romance)
Published Nov. 14, 2017
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Taylor Yeristan has been at war with Santa’s nefarious helpers for over a decade. To him, kindergartner Mandy Westmill is merely one more kidnapped child in need of his help, and her father, Greg, just one more distraught parent to comfort and cajole into heading off to the police, far from the real battle.

Only, Taylor doesn’t reckon with Greg’s unflinching determination or his refusal to leave Taylor’s side until Mandy is safe. Nor does Taylor anticipate the fierce desire Greg’s intensity sparks. For he’s been battling the lies of Christmas alone for so long that opening himself to a potential partner is a vastly seductive idea.

Yet, allowing Greg to help comes with a risk, for he has a stake in this war now, one that compromises him heavily. But it’ll be Taylor who pays the ultimate price for their desires.