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Vignettes Regarding the Artwork of Brendon Kotes

XCIII: Yesteryears

For Dmitri’s birthday (August 24th, nine days before Brendon called on Donna Pierceman), Brendon painted him on a mottled orange and green background, bright strands of Aunt Laurel’s shawls curling around like fleur de lis—or fiery threads—his arm reaching upward in a throwing motion and a waterfall of beads trailing in the wake of the ball’s trajectory.

It wasn’t his best, but Dmitri was appropriately enthused, which indirectly led to Aunt Laurel deciding the man could stick around as long as he didn’t end up becoming a leech like a few useless men she could name.

Dmitri did become a leech, but by that time Aunt Laurel was so used to him that she just put in the ramp and paid for his physical therapy bills and told him he was still perfect. Later, the jokes came quick about how he “didn’t need no cane in bed” and Brendon would pretend to cover his ears and duck before Aunt Laurel could swing her scarf at his face.

Even ten years on, Brendon was still picking beads out of the soles of his shoes and finding glittery strands on his clothes whenever he left their house, like their place hemorrhaged shiny things because they were so sweetly perfect for one another.


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