Free Sunday Stories


His Pitfall – Caught in a trap he doesn’t wish to escape from.

All Language – The sake of the story is what matters. The more fanciful, the better. But in this case…

Poet’s Bane – Your song, it tarries in the grooves of my heart. Plays on repeat, stuck.

The Immortal Lover of Lake Phanta – A letter along the bank reaching through time.

Loud & Clear – He hadn’t meant to be heard, his thoughts his own.

Likely No Different – Same as every other day when he can’t speak to men.

Just a Typical Day in a Nurse’s Life – And the lies they listen to.

First Date Taboo – When sexual history comes up.

The Choice in the Inevitable – The Gods of Fate and Destiny.

The Illusion That is Failure – A letter to his lover.

Man Made Stone – There’s nothing he wouldn’t do, nothing he wouldn’t sacrifice.

Cupid’s Recipe – Sickly sweet, but it works.

7:45 Date – He had a standing daily routine.

There’s a Demon… – …living in my bathroom.

Coming Together – The puzzle came alive, one piece at a time.


Raid Social Mechanics – A voice across the internet.

Across That Ocean of Sand – I knew I could convince myself of the uselessness of this trip easily enough. I also knew I’d forever ask myself what if…

My Life, His Breath – Whatever game he created, I would have said yes.

In the Darkest Hours – He’d been warm when he entered the bed. A heater. A furnace. And even though I hadn’t been cold, I’d turned into him.

The Garden of Lust and Bone – A garden filled with lustful souls of lost young men all clamoring for saving.

Festival of Fools – You are caught up in it. In the race, the need to prove yourself. For him.

The Baywater and the Hurricane – There’s a core self within every shaman, a reflection of who they are.

Tall, Dark & Handsome – Every coffee shop needs three things: black coffee, free Wi-Fi and a hot barista. The trifecta for all our caffeine-addicted, lust-driven and connectivity issues.

The Sighing of Dead Butterflies – They flutter, they fly, they hover, then die.

Indestructible – The cloying cement leaked into every crevice, every fold of his skin.

What Secrets Might Remain – An excavation into a manor long since abandoned.

An Adorable Brand of Macabre – A strange career, a cute obsession.

Wish Delivery – That elusive genie.

Kiss. Mouth. Red. – Dirty dice just became dirtier.

Saltwater Conjurer (Lianal & Samouru 1) – There’s only one man he must prove himself to in order to join their crew.

Sweet Kiss of Distraction (Lianal & Samouru 2) – It’s distracting all right.

The Cascade and The Firebrand – He wore the water, a cascade flowing down his torso and crashing at his feet.

Clean Sweep – Their first Christmas together might also be their last if they can’t sweep clean the ashes that have piled up since the fire flickered out.

Twisted Bronze Arms – If he is not careful, his entire body will be melted down and

Sun Kissed – So bright it’s hard to stare at him. So shy it’s hard to speak with him. So kind it’s hard to forget him.


Pixel Perfect – No matter how great the distance, it can’t keep them from being together.

Rough with Bark, Wet with Sap – She’ll protect her tree, regardless the cost.

Word Lovers – They parade, unashamed of their wantonness

Purest of Intentions – His scrying has never gone so wrong.

To the Sound of the Ocean – Only the seagulls bear witness.


Love Match – Eros is busy. Very busy. Don’t interrupt.

Thawing Off (Bradd & Cerci 1)- A bit of an accident has Cerci and Bradd attempting to warm up.

Water Play (Bradd & Cerci 2) – They’re supposed to be working, but where’s the fun in that?

An Indomitable Fire (Bradd & Cerci 3) – An unquenchable burn within their nerves.

Got Mail! – Jay gets a package in the mail that makes his life a little…smaller.

Snow Man – It’s only make believe, but it feels so real.

Heart’s Harvest – There’s not much he wouldn’t do for her, but stakes have become too high.

Aura of Happiness, Aura of Love – He is not a stalker. He isn’t.

How to Deflower a Luminant Virgin – Hard as rock, sharp as glass.

The Muddy Layers of Love – He dragged her down, refusing to release her.

For Want of a Man – She didn’t think she’d ever rev for anyone again.

If These Walls Could Talk – They could do any number of nasty things.

New Year, Old Loves – Sometimes a letter means exactly what it says. Sometimes you have to know a person well enough to read between the lines.

A Cold Bargain – Defective products aren’t always useless.

Panty Nightmares – He’s supposed to write things down once he wakes up.

Fateful Hunt – It’s the hunt itself that spurs a houndmaster’s pack forward. The reward at the end? That’s just a perk. Teaser story for an M/M adventure fantasy Duology.


Marks of the Protector  Part 1 / Part 2 – Being captured by a naked, beautiful woman has limited advantages when said woman can easily turn bear and devour him.

Wounds of the Warrior  Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 – Death is not to be shamed. But for the how of it.

Only One Worth Kissing  Part 1 / Part 2 – A hundred frogs in the pond, a hundred kisses gone astray.