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He began with a tiny pinch of flying powder—it’d be good for a lift in a person’s step was all. Then came the sticky sap, a sugary glue to keep them together no matter the distance. A dash of rosemary mixed with honeysuckle for the springtime memory even in the midst of winter. Then two mismatching butterfly wings—one blue and black, the other yellow and white—plucked only from those who died of old age after fluttering through even the worst of storms.

With a kind hand and a warm oven, he baked the sticky substance for a mere minute, just long enough for two people to truly notice one another. As the finishing touch, he sprinkled crushed conch shell over the tray so they would be able to hear the crashing emotions in each other if they stopped to listen.

Before it cooled, he rolled the tips of his arrows through the mixture, then he set out with a quiver full of love and a determination to change the world two hearts at a time.

The End

I figure everyone would want a break from all things houndmaster or wild, so here’s just a short and sweet piece to make you smile.

Happy first Sunday of the month :)