gay fantasy romance

Published July 28th, 2017
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Behind every door lies another memory.

Early one morning, Roan Baylor is disturbed by the ghost of his neighbor. A ghost who loudly proclaims himself to be not a ghost at all. In a moment of curiosity-laced intrigue, Roan agrees to help the not-ghost find his way back into his body.

This first meeting with Ari Nix, an expressive and intense young man, begins a whirlwind affair between them both, one that has Roan doubting his own mind. For Ari knows things, secrets, both strange and wonderful, that he shares with Roan. But the biggest secret of all is the one Ari refuses to share, a memory he says will make Roan hate him.

Roan doesn’t want to return to a life without Ari, yet he can’t help but think they aren’t meant to be together. For Roan always knows a lie when he hears one. And Ari isn’t lying.