Dark Phoenix - High ResolutionDARK PHOENIX
25k words
gay fantasy/paranormal romance

Published Nov 28, 2014

He’s spent his life in the water, never wanting to fly. Until now.

Landon’s life is simple, predictable and filled with plenty of waves to ride and bare-chested men to bring home. He doesn’t want complicated any more than he wants his neighbors stealing his stash. But when a strange man beats him to his apartment door one sunny afternoon, he discovers that sharks are not the only predators lurking beneath the ocean waves.

Along with that disturbing discovery, Landon finds himself a target for a dangerous dark phoenix named Jak, whose attention forces Landon to reevaluate whether complicated might not be so bad. Yet, every time things begin to heat up between them, Jak’s confusing disappearances make Landon want to forget ever having met the phoenix. And when Jak’s true intentions are finally revealed, the violent fallout threatens to tear them apart permanently.

Warning: This novella features beach muscles, an arrogant shape shifter and plenty of man on man action.

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