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How to Deflower A Luminant Virgin

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence

All rights reserved. No part of this story may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission from the author.

Short Story (Approx. 2100)

So, the first thing you need to know about luminants is that while they aren’t as hard as their cousins, the incands, or nearly as reflective as the radiscents, they are still much harder and brighter than human flesh. These are problems, but not unsolvable ones.

A decent pair of tinted glasses or goggles will usually keep the reflections at a nominal level. Most people living in this six-sunned plane usually own a pair or two already so you’re probably already set in that department.

As for the hardness…well, I’ll get to that.

You’ll need a few more tools after the tinted goggles. Forget the lube and rubbers and toys as you know them. Bring on pretty gems, rough gloves, possibly coated with a bit of sand or something else that can add a little grit, and worn hand mallets. A hammer might do in a pinch, but its surface isn’t as large, so it won’t cause as much sensation…sort of like having a tiny dick. It works, but you’ve got to be creative.

Now that you’re armed, but not dangerous, you’re eager to run off and discover luminantian lovemaking. But before you even head into the brittle landscape of the Crystal Crags, there’s a few things you should know about luminant culture. Firstly, they aren’t exactly that protective of their youngsters.

Adult luminants generally don’t even realize when their interactions have resulted in a newly formed infant. No gestation occurs within luminants. Instead, after they’ve finished getting it on, if their internal layers have scraped together enough, a conjoined specimen of their data will be left behind to begin growing in their wake. The rougher their sex, the more likely they’ll have brought about a child.

These tiny drops of materials fuse into a hardened encasement out of necessity, a defensive mechanism that allows the baby luminant to have half a chance of surviving. Within the encasement, the baby develops, pushing out the bits that had belonged to its parents until they are bright and sharp enough on their own. Once they’ve formed some sort of movable parts, they are better capable of shifting out of dangerous zones and therefore no longer need this encasement, leaving it behind to glow and glitter on the ground like some perfect diamond waiting to be plucked and sold.

I will caution you to not pick up these encasements for two reasons. The first being that when you find your lovely luminant to deflower she will probably be horrified and disgusted that you’re carrying around what amounts to excrement. And two, you might mistake the encasement for the gift you’ll give her, thereby not only disgusting her, but also insulting her immensely. I mean, come on, who wants to be offered their own shit as a gift? That’s not exactly the way of things, but damn close enough so you can best remember.

Now, speaking of that gift, this is one of the most important steps, the one that you can’t solve if you haven’t bothered with it before you get to Crystal Crags. Luminants love gems. All kinds. A little like human women, I guess. You’ll want to have a couple with you. Don’t spend too much on them, they don’t have to be perfect or even cut, but they do need to be at least a bottom level gem. And clean. Make sure they’re clean.

Going back to the culture lesson, luminants don’t grow up in any type of typical situation. They can be solitary, dropped in some out-of-the-way place no one generally travels. Or they could be smack in the middle of fuck-central, little luminants surrounding some favorite gorge or rock alley where they grow up with a full-on understanding of luminant anatomy. Or they could have been dropped anywhere in between.

Never assume virgin means naïve. Nor should you assume every luminant you meet will come with a complete how-to instruction manual. You wouldn’t assume all humans learn at the same age, would you?

So, with the boring stuff out of the way, on to the fun.

The way you can tell a luminant virgin is simple: their internal structure is opaque. I mean, really opaque. Full-grown, adult luminants have been opened up and now reflect and refract light as if it’s their business. That’s not to say the younger ones aren’t bright, because they are, but trust me when I tell you the difference is astounding.

Once you’ve found one, there’s no need to pull her off by herself or even acknowledge any of the others around. As long as she pays you mind, she’s yours.

I once worked my way through a group of five. Came upon them bouncing their lights off each other, gabbing away, and simply stuck a dark ruby under the nose of the first one. When we finished, I repeated the same process with each of the others. Okay, you got me, I had down time in between, because who can go five times in a row like that, right? But it was a pleasant day. For me and for them.

So, yes, throw out your human sensibilities and shut out the rest of the luminants because they are certainly shutting you out.

Once you show your chosen luminant your gift, do not, I repeat, do not, try to touch her until she’s done eating. She’ll take the gem, smash it, and absorb the entire thing, body trembling like she’s already orgasming. If you interrupt her little moment, that’s all you’re getting. Speaking from experience here.

After she’s done taking the gem into her body, she’ll take that hard, crystallized body of hers and come up to you. Don’t worry about where to look, she won’t take offense. So if she’s got some gorgeous spiraling crystals along her backside or circling around what amounts to her torso, look your fill. She’ll take it as a complement because she probably spent a long time creating the feature.

The moment those strange digits—and I can’t tell you how many they have because every luminant creates their own body, I’ve seen some with two and some with ten—touch you, you’ve been given permission.

At this point, I think it’d be smart to explain how to counteract the harshness of a luminant’s body, because, let’s face it, who wants to jam their prick against a rock? Not for fun, anyways. But a luminant isn’t exactly a rock.

In the lower portion of her body, she’ll probably have some sort of split to help her move. Some have more than one split and boast numerous lower appendages and I have encountered a single luminant who didn’t have even one. (That was an interesting encounter, let me tell you.) It’s now your job to finger your way around every nook and crevice on the luminant’s body, paying special heed to those deeper splits I mentioned. You’re looking for a particularly sharp opening because luminants leave spaces like that to entice lovers to grind against them.

Take your mallet and start tapping her there, not too rough. Think foreplay. Tap her just right. Change it up too, grind the head of the mallet against her. Don’t worry about hurting her. She’s strong, not brittle. There’s no way you and your human capabilities can hurt her.

I’ve recently discovered that they like tongue too. It makes their crystallized faces shutter closed in ecstasy when you swipe around the edges of their crevices. Be careful of the sharpest areas and just go to town, laving at her as you grind your mallet against whatever split you’ve found. If there’s more than one opening that seems large enough for another luminant to grind an appendage within, move your mallet between them. She’ll grind back, her body bucking upwards, probably bruising you, but trust me when I tell you it’s worth.

Six suns of fiery hell, it is worth the bruises.

As long as you listened to me and kept your gloves on, you can now move to jamming fingers inside of her. If you want to tease her, start with all her shallowest crevices. Slide inside each one, letting your fingers catch on every rough-hewn edge of her. Flick her beautiful features—her spirals, her starbursts, her icicle-like designs—when you pass them so she knows you appreciate her stunning beauty.

Whatever you do, keep moving. You want her body flickering color deep within her depths, refracting sunlight and grinding against every part of you she can reach. Granted, be careful with the more randy girls since you could end up with more than a couple of bruises when they get excited. Scraped skin, like fucking in the sand, but far, far worse.

Again, I promise it is worth it.

When you think she can’t handle your teasing anymore, that she’s screaming brightly for you to grind with her, to pound inside, you move your fingers down to the sharpest split or two you’d found that you’d been rubbing that mallet against. At this point, she’s likely so sensitive in that spot that she’d be squirting were she a human woman. Instead, she’ll be undulating against you, making the loudest grinding noises against your tools.

Don’t be gentle. That’s imperative. She’s a luminant. They don’t like it rough, they need it rough. They’re practically rock for gods’ sake. So just slam your fingers deep within her largest crevices. You can scrub the edge of the mallet against the outside while you work her. Switch between places to keep her straining. Drive her so wild she doesn’t care about getting dirt all over her formations.

And when she comes, be ready. And by ready, make sure your pants are down and your dick is erect.

Her body will continue grinding against you when she comes, and she doesn’t pulse, not like the wet folds of a human woman, but her body will darken as if she’s been instantly painted with a dark gray brush, the light of the suns blocked out. This grayness will swirl like a tornado within her insides, ricocheting off the dredges of light until she’s all mixed up, tiny explosions racking through her, visible and beautiful to witness.

Now, the best for last.

At this time, her body literally softens. I’ve been told it’s to allow the newly formed infants a chance to disengage from their parents. Good for them and good for you because she softens so much that you can literally shove your erection deep into one of her clefts (I’m sure you’ve found your favorite by this time) and feel her swallow you up.

She doesn’t pulse, as I’ve said, but she does something even better. She literally conforms to you, flowing about your prick like a giant tongue and a welcoming vagina all in one. Warm and soothing, the light display going on within her transferring to your prick in the form of electric tingles that practically melt you.

And it gets even better.

Just keep pushing because she’ll conform around your balls as well, giving you a complete massage with barely any thought on her part. You won’t even have to go through the trouble of thrusting because she’s still grinding like crazy under you (I hope you weren’t stupid enough to put her on top) and a luminant’s grinding is just about the roughest, hottest fuck you’re ever going to have.

Just lean forward, grab on and try not to lose your shit in the first few seconds. If you do, keep going because she’ll likely drag another orgasm or two from you before she’s finally finished.

As another bonus, if you want to go limp, go right ahead, it’s not as if she can’t hold your weight. Plus, she doesn’t have to breathe. You can’t squish these girls. Guys. Luminants. They’re pretty much all the same, so hopefully you’re not too squeamish about the gender of your lovers.

By the time she’s squeezed everything from your balls, you’re going to be, not just sated, but likely in a state of euphoric depletion. Hope you brought lunch to get yourself back into working order because she’s unlikely to have anything edible to offer you.

Now I can hear you asking, why do we have to go for the virgins? What about the ones who know what they’re doing? Wouldn’t they be better? More skilled? Better orgasms?

Who knows. They turn their noses up at my gems. Maybe they’re more picky. Or maybe once they’ve been with another luminant they realize a human can’t do near half as well for them. Too bad, I say, because they do amazing stuff for humans.

Well, enjoy your deflowering. If you see me up there, make sure you don’t cramp my style if I’m busy. If I’m not, I’d love to swap stories about the gorgeous formations on some of those beauties.

One last, very important note. Remove your cock before she hardens completely. Otherwise…

The End