Aura of Happiness, Aura of Love has been published. A fantasy short story of about 5600 words with a M/F pairing.

This story came about from something Brayden says in Kiss. Mouth. Red. “I got it from the basement of that shop on the corner in town. You know the one next to the pizza place? They carry all sorts of spelled crap.”

So I got to brainstorming, wondering about that shop. Who owned it? Who worked in it? Did they create the “spelled crap” themselves?

I wrote an entire sketch of a shop called Glamour Girls and the people within it. When I finished, Aura of Happiness, Aura of Love started almost by itself. It ended up being a sweet romance because making it erotica would have ruined the characters.

Next Sunday, May 4th: How to Deflower a Luminant Virgin (fantasy, short story, m/f) – Hard as rock, sharp as glass. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to fuck them right.