How To Deflower A Luminant Virgin has been published. It is a fantasy short story of about 2100 words. Pairing reads as M/F, but is actually ambiguous and includes a made-up race.

I won’t lie, this story is on the weird side.

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating crystallized people for a while now, so this story helped focus some of my ideas.

Done from a human’s point of view so I didn’t have to immediately decide how the race would think/feel/behave or create a full-fledged culture, the story is supposed to be humorous and fun while imparting information on a race I’d like to play with in the future.

Next Sunday, May 11th: Sweet Kiss of Distraction (f, ss, m/m) – It’s distracting all right. (Lianal & Samouru)