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If These Walls Could Talk

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence

All rights reserved. No part of this story may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission from the author.

Short Story (Approx. 3100)

The last owner of the workshop had been some sort of kinky necromancer assassin. Either that or he—or she, Lev didn’t actually know who had owned the place before him—had been a blood caster. Hell, he could even have been a death-spell collector. Lev didn’t know and the lips couldn’t tell him anything straight since their brains had been scrambled when they’d been sliced off their bodies and spelled to the walls of the workshop.

The first time he’d walked into the place, he’d immediately turned around and walked right back out. Blinked in the sunlight as he tried to ignore the real-estate agent blabbering on about how the workshop was one-of-a-kind and perfect for a man like him. Lev had asked the idiot man point-blank whether his company had even tried to remove the lips. The agent had merely grinned and told him that their resources were limited and he was sure that a man of Lev’s ability could easily remove the lips if he wished.

Lev had capitulated and bought the place. Not because he believed the agent’s ridiculous attempts at flattery, but because he’d needed a place with an already built-in cosmic saturator since they tended to be exorbitantly expensive to put in and were insanely annoying to get placed correctly.

The cosmic saturator was worth the price. Even the nonmonetary price of having to deal with ten talking, disembodied lips and the eerie presence of one that never spoke. Especially since a few of them ended up being…quite accommodating.

“Good morning!” called Noelle.

Her lips, thin and scarred, were located on the left wall approximately eye level. She was soft-spoken and kind and the one who caught on the quickest with his work, sometimes gently reminding him of a step he might have missed with all the distracting conversation that bantered on around him.

“It’s evening,” said Lev as he closed the door to the workshop behind him.

He gave the closed skylights a glance and then pressed the button by the door to have them open. The motor buzzed loudly as the ceiling retracted and the glass circled around, folding in on itself as only spelled glass could. The saturator gave a whine and lifted to attach itself to the opening in the ceiling, thin arms latching into place with muted clicks.

When all was quiet, Noelle said, “The milky way is bright tonight, sir.”

Lev looked up. “Yes. Yes, it is.”

“Oh my fucking god, you’re so damn late,” muttered Bud. His lips were fuller than Noelle’s and he’d been spelled against the front wall about a foot away from the door. “Just turn on the TV already. I want to watch the game.”

How Bud could watch the game or Noelle could see the stars baffled Lev, but he kindly grabbed the remote and pressed the power button so the curved screen TV on the back wall came on.

“That shit will rot whatever brain cells you have left,” said Sassy. “Can’t you put on something soothing? Like some classical music? Lord knows it might help you concentrate for once.”

“You’re only saying that ’cause you can’t see,” said Bud.

She couldn’t, since she was located a few inches below the TV itself. She was constantly blaming Lev for putting her there, conveniently forgetting that he hadn’t put her there at all.

The TV, however, he had placed, and he’d once muttered to Jack—the lips that were located parallel to the workbench on the right wall—that he should have mounted the thing a few inches lower to drown out Sassy’s voice. Jack had laughingly told him he was being unkind, and Sassy had challenged him to do it, telling him she’d beat him senseless with nothing but her ample cleavage if he so much as dared. Lev liked her, so he popped on her favorite tunes once in a while.

A few of the others called out or mumbled hellos. Old Man—close to the ceiling on the left—said something about how football wasn’t nearly as exciting when all you could do was watch it. Red—located on the left wall as well, but farther down around cock-height—gave a sultry greeting that would have had Lev’s cock twitching in interest had he been gay. About three feet above Red was young Orange, named such because she had an orange shade of lipstick on that was now stuck to her lips for all eternity—or until someone found a way to cancel the spell. Whichever came first.

“What are you doing tonight?” asked Kid. He wasn’t the youngest of the lips. Orange was, though she often pretended otherwise. And he hated the nickname Lev had given him. But he must have been killed before his voice changed so Kid he had been dubbed and the others had latched onto it with glee.

“Mostly an infusion. See if I can get this pewter to take to the starlight like that silver I did last week. Got a buyer interested if I can.”

On the opposite wall, too close to Jack in Lev’s opinion, were Shiny and Pink.

Shiny was horrible. The only one of the lips he truly detested (and that included the silent pair that had been spelled above the door to the workshop), Shiny had the most memory of her past life. She also had the come stains (where her name originated) on her lips from her last blow-job. She refused to speak of it, which was why Lev thought the last owner had been a male, but she didn’t have a problem telling him off for using Pink. Her words, not his. Pink certainly seemed to enjoy their little trysts.

“Hey sweetie,” he called to her as he started to set up the night’s mapping on the cosmic saturator.

“Hi, darling!” called Red.

“He wasn’t talking to you, idiot,” said Old Man.

Red twisted his lips into a pout. “He should be. I guarantee I could suck out his load faster than Pink ever could.”

“It’s not a race,” crooned Pink. “It’s all about the journey and you probably wouldn’t relish in it.”

Red scoffed, but before he had a chance to answer, Kid piped up again, “What would it do?”

Lev glanced sideways at where Kid had been spelled against the trim on the front wall. He’d had to move some of the equipment on the bench so Kid could see the TV a while back because his lips had been place so low. “If I map the constellation correct and the infusion works, the pewter should be capable of holding multiple trigger spells for non-casters.”

“For how long?”

Lev sighed as he looked up from the settings on the machine. He made a few marks in his notebook and then slipped the lump of pewter into the port. “Not sure. It’s all about how strong the infusion is. We’ll see, I guess.”

“Can I watch?”

“Kid, you’re too young to watch,” said Pink. “You probably don’t even know what your penis is for yet.”

There was a second of silence, then Jack, Sassy and Red burst out laughing. Noelle made a quiet comment about them being nicer, but was overruled by Kid’s outraged curse.

“When you get that done, baby, you should come over here,” offered Red.

“Or over here,” murmured Pink in a matching sexy tone.

“You get him every night,” complained Red.

“That’s because I’m straight,” muttered Lev as he tapped in another command so the saturator would follow the pattern across the sky. Neither pair of lips paid him any mind.

“Not every night,” protested Pink. “Sometimes he uses Shiny.”

“Oh God. Don’t give him ideas,” snapped Shiny. “I swear I will bite your dick off if you even think about it.”

“Trust me,” said Lev. “I will never put my favorite body part anywhere near your mouth, Shiny.”

“I won’t bite,” said Red. “I’ll be the sweetest, kindest, wettest warmth you’ve ever had.”

“Eww, man,” said Bud. “Shut up already.”

Orange giggled, Kid made a strange strangled sound and Jack laughed again. Old Man added, “If I never hear about your wet warmth again, Red, it would still be too soon.”

Red’s lips came out in another pout. Lev smiled to himself and shook his head as he double-checked the coordinates and instructions he’d painstakingly tapped into the machine. Then he rolled the port closed and pressed the start button. The machine let out a gentle hum, then fell silent, nothing but the sparkling starlight flickering across the pewter to let Lev know things were at least working.

“Can we play a game?” asked Kid.

“Can we all be quiet so I can watch the game?” countered Bud.

“Oh, but Bud,” said Orange, “you don’t like either of these teams.”

Bud ignored her, but his lips did quirk in annoyance.

Lev sighed again and turned to Pink. “Darling—”

“Come here, baby, and let me wile away the hour,” she suggested softly.


“Really? Really? I swear this happens every night,” said Shiny.

“Be quiet,” said Jack. “Let the man get a job. It’s not like he’s getting it anywhere else.”

“Thanks, Jack,” said Lev sarcastically.

“Anything to help, brother.”

“Can I watch?” asked Kid.

“NO!” shouted Jack, Sassy and Shiny together in a way Lev had heard them do many times before.

“Shut up!” shouted Bud in response.

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea,” added Noelle quietly.

“But Orange gets to watch,” protested Kid.

“Close your eyes, Kid,” snapped Shiny. “The sooner you close your eyes, the sooner Lev gets to blow a load in Pink’s mouth. The sooner he blows, the sooner Red will go into a torpor of depression, the sooner that happens, the sooner Bud will stop screaming at us. And the sooner he stops screaming at us, I can fall asleep.”

“I do not go into a torpor of depression,” said Red. “I eloquently refrain from groaning while I play with myself.”

There was an odd silence among the lips after that comment. Lev broke it by saying, “Well, on that note, Pink, sweetie, if you don’t mind?”

“Not at all.” She smiled, the look of it quite scandalous when it wasn’t accompanied with a face, but Lev had gotten over that a long time ago. Around the first time she’d offered to “suck every drop of come from his balls.”

He undid his jeans and stepped over to where Pink’s pretty lips were already spreading. “Jack, if you don’t mind…”

“I know, I know, shut my mouth so your boner doesn’t go limp. Zipping now.”

“Thanks,” said Lev as he pulled his cock free and guided it into Pink’s eager warmth. He groaned and clutched at the wall as she twirled her tongue around his tip. Her lips closed tightly around him, providing a tingling constriction that silently urged him further into her. She sucked gently, all moistness and heat engulfing his dick with pleasure.

Lev closed his eyes and released a breath, feeling the worry over his experiments drain away. Jack had been right. Lev hadn’t been with anyone real in a long time. Partly because he’d become so focused on creating a name for himself.

Mostly because Pink was so willing. Her tongue did angelic things to every nerve along his cock. Her mouth sucked so hard he thought she’d force his brains straight out his hole.

She never had to breathe. Not really. So his thrusts could go deep from the first. His rhythm set by his own desire rather than potentially stifled with human needs. Instead, her needs matched his, her throat welcoming him, her humming sending sweet vibrations throughout his groin.

“Listen to those groans,” said Red, with longing in his voice. “So deep. I love hearing them.”

“Do you have any self-respect?” asked Sassy.

“Not a lick,” agreed Red. “And speaking of licking… I bet he tastes delicious. I’d lick him like a lollipop. Over and over until I got to the sweet cream filling he always saves up special for us.”

Lev gave another loud groan, the sound of it blending with the roar of the crowd on the TV. Regardless of what he might say out loud, there was something about Red’s voice. Something that tugged on Lev’s groin in a delightful way. That pushed his excitement level higher with every dirty word.

He started to pump into Pink’s mouth, relishing the wet sucking sounds as saliva began to slick down his balls. She felt amazing. Her humming decidedly feminine. Sultry. Foxy.

“That’s it,” moaned Red. “Just like that. She takes you so deep, her throat closing up around you, squeezing, milking your come right out of your body.”

Orange giggled and Kid made a gagging sound. Sassy let out an explosive sigh.

“Oh, if I could lick your balls right now, Lev, I’d pop them into my mouth while you’re fucking her. Roll them around, give them the attention they deserve.”

Lev shuddered and leaned his entire arm against the wall, Red’s voice trickling down his spine seductively. This happened every time. Pink opened her pretty mouth and took him in, her tongue setting him on fire with lust. And Red groaned and whispered all the things he would do if Lev would just slip his cock free from Pink’s lips and cross the room.

Not once had Lev been tempted to do so, Pink’s throat too perfect, too wet, too tight to even consider drawing his dick out. But Red’s words did send Lev’s imagination running. Letting him wonder what it would be like to have the two of them kissing and sucking him down at the same time.

And that thought made his cock pulse, nerves that were already on fire burning hotter by the second.

“If you came over here Orange could kiss you while I suck you,” suggested Red after a longing moan.

In an indignant voice, Orange said, “I will not!”

“She’s too young to know what kissing is,” Sassy said wryly.

“I am not!”

Kid let out a laugh from the trim.

“And you close your eyes!” called Sassy.

“They are closed,” he sniped with a youthful giggle that Lev suspected meant Kid lied.

Old Man snorted as if he still had a nose. “You’re all too young to know how to be good in bed, whether you’re kissing or not.”

“Would you all shut up! I’m trying to watch the game,” roared Bud.

“Oh, fuck off, won’t you,” said Sassy. “Lev needs to cut your lips off the wall and shove them in a jar of formaldehyde.”

“If only,” muttered Shiny, with a much more caustic tone.

Jack gave a low chuckle. “Lev, man, how’s that blowjob coming? Keeping it up with all this racket?”

“Yours is the last voice I want to hear by my cock,” muttered Lev in between gasps.

He hated the fact that Jack was over here. The rest he could handle because, really, they were nothing but noise, similar to the TV. But Jack was literally six inches off Lev’s dick right now. Close enough that he could envision a man down there easily whenever Jack opened his mouth while Pink was doing nasty, wonderful things with that slick, hot tongue of hers.

Red moaned again from the other side of the room. Now that was a man Lev might be willing to have servicing him. Red knew his way around a cock. Knew how to please.

“What about my voice, baby?” called Red. “I want to feel your thickness on my tongue. Feel you gagging me, not letting me breathe.” Red’s voice hitched. “You could slide down my throat and stay there forever.”

Lev reached down a hand and fondled his own balls, envisioning the way Red’s lips would feel on them. Imagining how it would feel were Pink and Red both pressed against the same spot on the workshop wall, the two of them eagerly lapping at his genitals, begging to have him fuck past their beautiful lips. Make them sore with his violent, needy thrusts.

His hips began to move faster, his cock pounding mercilessly into Pink’s mouth to the sound of a third down call by an announcer. Red’s voice rose again, but now it was just “Fuck, yeah, baby” and “Harder, faster” and “I want to taste you” on repeat.

Lev groaned and leaned into his arm as his orgasm sparked in his balls and swept through his body. He stiffened and came deep in Pink’s mouth, feeling her tongue stroke languidly along the underside of his cock as the last few spurts shuddered out of him.

“Touchdown!” shouted Kid.

Lev jerked in surprise as the other lips created a murmur of comforting noise around him. Jack’s laughter ringing in his ears. Bud letting Kid know that a fourth down was in no way, shape or form a touchdown. Sassy over-talking Bud to inform Kid that she planned on sliding her way along the wall until she could blind him from Lev’s depravity. Shiny cursing under her breath. Old Man making a disparaging comment about Lev’s lack of finesse.

And sweet Noelle trying to tell Lev that the pewter was no longer glowing. “I’m assuming the coordinates are off. Or perhaps a cloud cover has blocked the constellation.”

“Shit,” said Lev, quickly pulling his cock from Pink’s mouth. He tucked himself away, dropped to his knees to plant a peck against her lips. “Thank you, sweetie. Awesome as always.” Then he rushed to the cosmic saturator.

Noelle was right. A cloud cover had blown in, blocking the starlight in giant patches at a time. He could feel the light breeze sweeping in from the opening in the ceiling, the threat of rain in its scent.

“Damn,” he muttered as he cancelled the program. So much for the projected clear night.

“It’s all right, baby,” said Pink. “There’s always tomorrow.”

He gave her a salacious grin. “That’s very true.”

“Can I have tomorrow?” asked Red. “Please?”

Orange groaned. “I don’t want Lev screaming in my ears.”

“You don’t have any ears,” said Lev, giving her a sideways glance. “And I don’t scream.”

Kid snickered. Shiny sighed in exasperation. And Jack said, “We all beg to differ.”

“I like your screams,” said Red.

“I like them better,” said Pink.

“Quiet, children,” Lev said as he turned back to the machine.

The TV turned to commercial. His penis gave a last throb of contentment as he sat down to map out another, long-term infusion for later, his mind already on what tomorrow would bring for Pink’s beautiful, talented mouth and Red’s sweet-talking tongue.

The End