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If These Walls Could Talk, a fantasy piece of about 3100 words, has been published. It’s technically a M/F pair…I think. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

This one began with a prompt. Needed something that revolved around the color red. Don’t ask me how I managed to get onto the subject of disembodied lips, especially magical ones that somehow can still see and feel and have throats and tongues and…you probably get the picture.

I didn’t want there to only be one set of lips, so I introduced a total of ten. (Naturally that would be the answer.) Generally in a story this short having eleven named, speaking characters would be a total unbridled mess. To combat that, I had the MC name most of the lips after characteristics so they would be easier to remember.

Really, it doesn’t matter whether you remembered each of the individual lips since the piece was supposed to be comedic and not in any way serious.

Next story is serious though.

Next Sunday, Sept 21: Worth a Thousand Words (fantasy, short story, M/M) – Not all pictures are created equal.