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Edited Jan 11, 2015: I’ve removed Worth a Thousand Words as of this date. It will be available for sale on Jan 16th, 2015.

Worth a Thousand Words has been published. This story is a fantasy short story of about 2300 words featuring a M/M pair.

Like a bunch of other stories, this one was meant as a flash. I didn’t intend for there to be any romance. Didn’t intend for the story to end as it did. The original ending wasn’t as hopeful though and while I was writing I just couldn’t bring myself to go there.

Title is a bit cliché. Okay, a lot cliché. But I liked it and I didn’t want to change it.

The story was also supposed to be on the fun, light side and ended up being more serious. Emotions quickly started to show up within James, making me begin to feel bad for the state I’d thrown him in. And that’s what got me in trouble with this one because I couldn’t just leave it all as a fap-job. Cause, really. That’d be just depressing.

Next Sunday, Sept 28: Heat of the Moment – Part One (fantasy, serial, M/F) – The pressure is on for this tomcat.