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 Bright Storm

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence

Edited Dec 28th, 2014: This story has been removed and below is only an excerpt. The entire Siren Song novella will be available for purchase in January 2015.

Siren Song cover designed by James, GoOnWrite.com

Siren Song cover designed by James, GoOnWrite.com

Wela gave a short laugh. “We thought we were going to find your mangled parts washing up on the north shore, Rikel.” She turned toward him and he had the decency to flinch at the contorted distress on her face. “Don’t do that to us again.” Then she started the long walk back to the house.

The wind gusted and then dipped, low enough Rikel caught the heightened sounds of the sirens’ song and felt an ache tug at his heart. Or maybe his groin. Everything seemed to be directly connected to their song. As if Caarafk had left an echoing layer smeared on the insides of Rikel’s ear canals as a parting gift. An exchange for his hair. Hair that ended up being as useless as his own.

A dull fear pulsed inside Rikel and he spun around. “Wela, wait.”

She paused, twisting just far enough to look at him.

“What if I’m song sick?’

Something flickered across her expression, but it was too dark for Rikel to made out what she must be presuming. Then she shrugged, her dismissal of his fear calming him far more than any platitudes or promises could have. “Then you’ll fight it. Like all good sailors do.”

This is only an excerpt of Siren Song. For more excerpts you can go to the Excerpts page.