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Edited Dec. 28, 2014: Bright Storm has been removed and is now only an excerpt. The entire Siren Song novella will be available in January 2015.

Bright Storm has been published. It is 6800 words, featuring a M/M pair and is the second in the Siren Song stories.

Back in March I published Like Dark Algae, a story about a man heading into siren territory and subsequently becoming enamored by one of them. It’s been a standalone for that long. A few months ago, probably because I was thinking about the syrens in Dark Phoenix, I came up with a continuing storyline for the characters in Like Dark Algae.

Bright Storm is thus the second piece of Rikel’s story. It mostly deals with the aftermath of the events in Like Dark Algae. Of course, because I had never intended on continuing the story, I hadn’t done anything excessive in the matter of world building, so I had to rectify that when I began working on the subsequent parts. I will probably end up folding some of those details into Like Dark Algae when I gather all the pieces of Siren Song together.

Next Sunday, Nov. 30: Run Aground (Siren Song 3)There’s always something left to lose.