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Breaking Currents

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence

Edited Dec 28th, 2014: This story has been removed and below is only an excerpt. The entire Siren Song novella will be available for purchase in January 2015.

Siren Song cover designed by James, GoOnWrite.com

Siren Song cover designed by James, GoOnWrite.com

It was another four days before Rikel made a conscious decision on whether to see Caarafk again.

While before he’d had throbbing need goading him along, now doubts assaulted his mind every time he thought about trusting Caarafk. Doubts that morphed into thoughts about becoming song sick again, especially after Kula asked whether the song scream’s power was temporary and the honest answer was nothing more than a shrug.

The decision came one morning after a particularly vivid dream. Unlike the ones that had haunted Rikel when he’d been song sick, this one didn’t dissolve into immediate sexual expression. Instead, he walked along an endless sandbar, far out into the Eversea, listening to Caarafk singing softly, but never, ever reaching him. Rikel woke lonely, feeling as if he was letting an opportunity sail past him. When he finally fell back asleep, he dreamed that he went to the north shore and walked the Gamble, only to find it empty and silent. Years had worn away the edges of the rocks, leaving no evidence that Caarafk had once waited for him because the siren had long since moved on. Just like Kula’s siren.

He waited two days, partially to prove to himself that it wasn’t residual song sickness driving his desire and partially so that he wouldn’t be going to the Gamble when he was tired and sore from hard labor. His dreams became just as abstract and strange as they’d been before he’d gone to the Nest, Caarafk never putting in another appearance, even when Rikel woke with morning wood.

The third morning—a full three weeks from the day he’d last seen Caarafk—Rikel woke early, kissed Mother goodbye, promised Wela he would be safe, after she gave him a concerned look, and headed up to the north shore.

This is only an excerpt of Siren Song. For more excerpts you can go to the Excerpts page.