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Edited Nov. 25, 2014: Violet Flames has been removed and is now only an excerpt. To read the entire Dark Phoenix novella, you can go to the Books page for retailer links.

The story Violet Flames (Dark Phoenix 5) has been published. It is the 5200 word conclusion to the Dark Phoenix series. Previous stories are Phoenix Fire, Heated Invasion, Searing Betrayal and Gentle Burn.

Just like last week, I can’t say much about this story. What I can tell you was Violet Flames was easier to write than the previous two stories. My assumption on that is that when the end is near, words come faster. It’s a proven fact.

When I first started putting up short stories on my site back in February, I always intended on my long-term plan being to eventually have enough to group them together and publish them independently. Dark Phoenix has the distinction of being the first to undergo this change.

All five stories will remain on my site until Nov. 25th. On that day, I will be removing the complete stories, leaving excerpts up only. I will then be putting them together into a novella and republishing it on distributor platforms for $2.99 a few days later. I wanted to give a heads up so anyone who wants to read the stories for free can do so before they’re pulled.

Just to be clear, Dark Phoenix, when published, will have no new material added. The story will remain practically untouched with the exception of having another couple of rounds of editing done to it.

Next Sunday, Nov. 16: Sun Kissed – So bright it’s hard to stare at him. So shy it’s hard to speak with him. So kind it’s hard to forget him.