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Phoenix Fire

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence

All rights reserved. No part of this story may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission from the author.

Edited Nov. 25, 2014: This story has been removed and below is only an excerpt. To read the entire Dark Phoenix novella you can go to the Books page for links to your preferred retailer.

Dark Phoenix Cover designed by James, GoOnWrite.com

Dark Phoenix Cover designed by James, GoOnWrite.com

He froze as he reached the landing, the wood of the deck creaking as he shifted his weight onto his back foot. Leaning against his door was his morning’s stalker. The guy was young, average height and crack-addict thin. Wore board shorts patterned in neon green and black, a white shirt with the beginnings of yellowing around the collar to date how long it’d been owned and black sandals that looked to be coming apart. A mop of brown hair with just enough curl to make it seem messy from the wind adorned the man’s head and a set of aviators perched on his nose.

“Noticed you,” said the young man as he tipped the aviators up until they sat on the cushion of his hair. He had a watered-down Latino presence in his genes, but Landon would bet all the bills he had stuffed in a dresser drawer the guy didn’t know a lick of Spanish.

His eyes caught Landon. Dark and steely, a strong contrast to the man’s youthful appearance. It was as if all the parts added up to something they shouldn’t have, creating someone dangerous where someone innocuous should have been.

Despite feeling as if he should be putting miles between them, Landon licked his thumb and ran it down his abs until he hit his bathing suit. “Most people do.”

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