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Edited Nov. 25, 2014: Phoenix Fire has been removed and is now only an excerpt. To read the entire Dark Phoenix novella, you can go to the Books page for retailer links.

Phoenix Fire has been published, a 2400 word fantasy short story featuring a M/M pair, one of whom is a dark phoenix.

This is the first of what originally was going to be a four-part series where each section was set in a different season. It ended up being a little longer so that it goes full circle, starting in summer and ending in summer. Each section is complete in its own in some way, though the romantic arc isn’t technically finished with a happily ever after until the final story.

Next Sunday, Oct. 19th: Heated Invasion (fantasy, short story, M/M) – When the dark phoenix shows up on Landon’s beach again, sparks fly and not necessarily in the good way.