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4/2/2017 EDIT: THIS STORY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR FREE. I will post a link to the complete novel when it is published :) Author Notes still available below.

Warning: Story nine about Ari and Roan–the showdown! First eight chapters can be found here: (Edit: Dead Links Removed.)

Beast Killer

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence
Short Story-Serial (7600)

* * *

Yes, I know, I know, I’m writing about a unicorn. Pretty much anything you might have thought, I’ve already thought. Yet, I figured, I’d give it a shot, see if I could do something a little less whimsical and make him more real. It was also interesting to write because I basically made him a type of instinctual vigilante who feels compelled to destroy what feels evil to him and yet doing so makes him feel just as impure. Poor guy.

I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, but his name–Roan Baylor–was a giveaway. Baylor meaning horse trainer and Roan being a horse coat pattern/coloring. Ari’s name also had to do with his parentage (Ariel is a spirit in Shakespeare’s Tempest and a Nix is a type of sprite) so if you’d known that, Roan’s origins were probably easier to guess. Other clues included all of Ari’s names (constantly calling Roan different supernatural creatures), the fact that Roan is a vegetarian, and his preference for being around children even though he’s self-professed to dislike people in general. Plus, I had Chloe seem to know about Roan even though she never says it–she wants him to play with a pony in one of the chapters as well as stares at his forehead right beforehand as if she sees something there.

Pretty much, I tried to lay the groundwork through all the stories in order for the climax and reveals to seem to fall into place. I did the same for Ari’s secret as well, with him slowly revealing information that never truly gives everything away, yet makes sense once Roan finds the bridle Ari had made.

One section left! I’m sure you know what’s coming next. Sort of a requirement when it comes to romance :)

Also! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Awesome New Year!