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4/2/2017 EDIT: THIS STORY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR FREE. I will post a link to the complete novel when it is published :) Author Notes still available below.

Warning: The eighth story about Ari and Roan, in which you finally discover the importance of the mirrors and Brad and the building and even a certain other person who is literally the catalyst of this entire story. First seven chapters will make this chapter a reveal rather than a total confusion. They can be found here: (EDIT: Dead Links Removed.)

Past Reflections

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence
Short Story-Serial (5700)


So most of this chapter held little reveals, things that weren’t explained throughout the first seven chapters and may or may not have seemed even important to the story as a whole. Some of them were; some of them weren’t. Of course I couldn’t reveal everything as Roan retained his memories. I had to save the big one concerning Ari for the final showdown. I’ll post that one on the 18th :)

As another note, if you didn’t figure out some of the more subtle reveals in this chapter, you don’t have to worry since they get explicitly stated at the beginning of the next chapter. Not going to leave anyone in the dark!