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4/2/2017 EDIT: THIS STORY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR FREE. I will post a link to the complete novel when it is published :) Author Notes still available below.

Warning: This is the seventh story about Roan & Ari. Ends on a cliffhanger, so be warned! First six chapters can be found here: (EDIT: Dead Links Removed.)

Building Adjustments

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence
Short Story-Serial (6100)


If you’ve read the others chapters you’ll have noticed that Elizabeth goes by Liz instead of Beth now. I knew from early on I was likely to change her nickname because “Brad and Beth” was a little too close, but I didn’t do it until I’d finished and edited the whole thing.

As for the cliffhanger…yay, Roan gets his memory back next chapter so you’ll get lots of little flashbacks on Dec. 4th.