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4/2/2017 EDIT: THIS STORY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR FREE. I will post a link to the complete novel when it is published :) Author Notes still available below.

Warning: This is the culmination of the entire story featuring Roan Baylor and Ari Nix. I’m working on putting the last couple of links on the Serial Page (because I forgot the last two chapters) so the complete story will be available there from now until Spring. I will be removing the whole novel at the beginning of April so I can publish it via Amazon, but I think that gives everyone who wanted to read it for free plenty of time to do so.

I would also like to thank everyone who has been reading. Thank you for your patience and thank you for giving my story a chance. It means a lot.

Memorandum est

Copyright © Emmi Lawrence
Short Story-Serial (5600)

That’s it. Finis. End of story.

I hope you enjoyed it :) I titled the completed novel Bridle the Unicorn hoping that people who’ve never read it before will assume that’s a symbolic title rather than a literal one.

I hope that the unicorn idea made you smile rather than roll your eyes. I hope you’re happy Roan and Ari end up together. And I hope you liked it well enough that when my next novel is published (coming in Feb–announcement soon!) that you’ll give that one a try too :)

These are a few notes I wrote after I finished the story, so I’m going to put them here:


So, I don’t generally tackle “big” issues in my novels. You won’t ever get a political diatribe in any of my novels preaching one side is better than the other. I won’t have anyone diagnosed with a mental illness that takes up the entire novel’s plot. Nor will I discuss real religions with a sense that any one is either right or wrong. (If you’ve ever seen Serenity, I subscribe to that one quote about belief by Book when I deal with my characters.) I don’t even plan on dealing with LGBT issues despite having gay characters. It’s not that I don’t think these are all things worth writing about; it’s that I believe they belong firmly in the realm of nonfiction.

Fiction is escape. It’s a way to relieve yourself from the crap of everyday life, not wallow in it. I write adventures and murder mysteries and try to make my fight scenes exciting and my sex scenes moreso.

So when something does come up in a character, I don’t name it. I let you do that.