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Heat of the Moment - High ResolutionHEAT OF THE MOMENT
M/F Short Story 7500 words

This is a republication of a story originally published here on my site. There is no change to the story except that it is no longer available for free.

In the steaming jungle…

When a handsome, muscular werecat enters her territory, Trek is tempted to just chase him away. He is young, after all, and her heat is almost upon her. The last thing she needs is a tomcat too inexperienced to satisfy the demanding heat cycle of a mature queen.

But Reach is a werecat on a mission. He’s determined to prove himself a virile partner, earn Trek’s respect and maybe, if he can truly impress her, gain a litter and become a tomcat she seeks out for future heats.

This is an erotic short story of about 7500 words.