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ALLEY – Curtain Chasers: Book One has been published. It is the first novella in a gay fantasy romance trilogy. About 28k words long.

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Alley - Curtain Chasers Book 1

A few random facts about this novella:

1) This trilogy was meant to be only a couple thousand word short story. Yes, that worked. Obviously.

2) The story takes place in the same town as Kiss. Mouth. Red. (M/M) and Aura of Happiness, Aura of Love (M/F).

3) One of the characters was actually first created for an entirely different story. But I can’t tell you about it because it’s still in progress :P

4) Once created, I didn’t change a single character name, not even by one letter, which is incredibly strange for me.

5) There are only so many ways to describe two walls and a dumpster. Because of the unchanging scenery in this novella I have decided that it will be a long time before I write a story from the POV of someone imprisoned again.

6) My favorite character is Clay Devlin.