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Wounds of the Warrior (Part 3 of 3) has been published. This is the last part of a 15400 word serial that features a M/F couple. Part One and Part Two should be read first.

You can read some of the previous comments I made about this story here and here.

I don’t want to say too much about the end of the story since that would be spoiler-like, so instead I’ll talk about the writing of it. The story actually sat around on my computer for months, mostly written, maybe five hundred to a thousand words shy of “The End.” I only finally finished it because I was procrastinating working on a different project. Ending up finishing a number of things around the same time that had been floating in limbo waiting to see if I’d ever bother getting those last, all-important words down.

Wounds wasn’t as hard to begin as Marks had been. Where Marks had a few false starts and a lot of thrown-out words, Cohriahra took over almost immediately and Wounds poured out pretty quickly because of it. I had a few possible directions I could have gone–namely introducing more characters into the story itself instead of merely referencing them, but I think the story’s stronger with only Mahden and Cohriahra interacting the entire time, giving them ample opportunity to influence one another without outside interference.

Next Sunday, Sept 7th: The Cascade and The Firebrand (fantasy, short story, m/m) – He wore the water, a cascade flowing down his torso and crashing at his feet.