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Wounds of the Warrior (Part 2 of 3) has been published. This is the second of three parts in a 15400 word story that features a M/F couple. The first part can be read here.

I made a few comments about this story in a previous post.

Most of this story is about Cohriahra’s internal struggles, with Mahden acting as a sort of foil to that end. However, he isn’t supposed to represent a “correct” way of life–though, I, for one, certainly prefer his beliefs. Instead, the idea behind the inception of the story was to show the Maslahr clan as people rather than as one-dimensional evil “bad guys.” She’s different, but that doesn’t make her any less…growler (…human).

Because of that focus in this story, it meant that the romance is more subtle, something that occurs as more of an accidental side effect as the two are learning about each other.

It also meant that the story was a lot longer than average since the issues are more serious.

Next Sunday, Aug 31: Wounds of the Warrior – Part 3 of 3 (fantasy, serial, m/f)