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Edited May 12th: Bed of Starlight has been removed. You can find it in the collection Nothing But Seaweed & Other Stories coming May 29th, 2015.

Bed of Starlight has just been published, a fantasy short story of about 1700 words with an M/F pairing.

I texted my sister a while back, asking her to “give me a magical item.” She wrote back “magical ladder” and thus I wrote this story on that prompt. It’s probably obvious in the story or at least it would be once you read this.

Next Saturday, June 14th: An Indomitable Fire (fantasy, short story, m/f) – An unquenchable burn within their nerves.

This next story will feature the two characters, Bradd and Cerci, from Thawing Out and Water Play. Also, I’ll be publishing on Saturday instead of Sunday because I won’t be able to publish on Sunday.