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Edited May 12th, 2015: Under the Black Stars has been removed. You can find it in the collection Nothing But Seaweed & Other Stories coming May 29th, 2015.

Under the Black Stars has been published. It is a short story of about 3200 words with a sort of M/F pairing.

I wrote this story a few years ago for a specific call. I wanted to make it more erotic, but that would have been against the mag’s guidelines. Instead, I culled the story down to make the word count and didn’t write everything exactly how I would have.

(Which is an argument against writing to calls/mags. Writing to market is a good skill to cultivate, but it does have its downsides when it comes to potentially ruining what a story would/should have been.)

Stumbled across it a few months ago and decided to give it a little uplift. Went through and did some re-writing, no longer feeling I couldn’t have as strong of an erotic element.

It’s not exactly romantic as many of my other stories are, but I don’t think the original idea really leaned toward anything seriously romantic.

Next Sunday, June 8th: Bed of Starlight (fantasy, short story, m/f) – Their love transcends space.