Edited May 12th: Every Wine-Flavored Exhale has been removed. You can find in the collection Nothing But Seaweed & Other Stories coming May 29th, 2015.

Every Wine-Flavored Exhale has been published. A fantasy short story of about 3000 words with a M/F pairing. It can be found below and under the Short Story page.

Yes, I admit that I have recently watched the new 300 which is where the made-up Greek style names came from in this story.

I’d been planning on writing a story about a drunkard because I wanted to have a little fun with having a character be inappropriate and completely unabashed by that inappropriateness. However, since the story is mostly light-hearted I can’t honestly say that the characters are the best examples of being three-dimensional. That doesn’t mean their story isn’t enjoyable though.

Next Sunday, Mar 30th: Saltwater Conjurer (fantasy, short story, m/m) – There’s only one man he must prove himself to in order to join their crew.