Kiss. Mouth. Red. has been published. A fantasy short story of about 4700 words with a young M/M pairing. It can be found below and under the Short Story page.

This story started out meaning to only be mini-length. I hadn’t thought the idea had much meat to it so I hadn’t intended on writing too much in the way of romance, deciding I’d just do a short erotic piece.

However, the plan to simply focus on an erotic piece went right out the window because, for some reason, Miles was nervous. Then I had to determine why he was nervous and why his nerves even mattered. That led to a more three-dimensional character, which led to a cute romantic vibe showing up within the eroticism in the story.

Despite him being the reason this story exploded in word length, I actually really like Miles and the way the story turned out. Wish all my stories flowed out as easily as this one.

Side Note: Coming up with perfect titles for my pieces is one of my favorite parts of the creation process. On rare occasions, I know the title partway through writing the story. Most of the time it’s the last thing I do because I go through an entire brainstorming session just for the title.

I’m only mentioning this because this is one of those times when I feel as if I’ve completely nailed the title in all three important aspects–connecting with the story, marking the genre and intriguing the reader (of course that third one is the most subjective, but I think it succeeded).