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His sponsor’s daughter had been born with an invasive disease that returned year after year…after year.

He obeyed reluctantly the first few times, but it got easier, and when it did, he changed, became a man unrecognizable, a man I no longer trusted, so I fled, not anticipating him following.


Image by Dopaprime (DeviantArt)

I had another story for this image, but it didn’t have any kind of relationship mentioned, the referenced plot in that one dealing with the transfer of souls versus the death of them. Plus the one above, while seemingly sadder, also has a happy ending, where the one I ending up not using seemed happy at first and then twisted sadder.

So better all around I guess :)

This title was difficult as well. The first one was “The One Thing He Couldn’t Stand to Lose” and that’s just a mouthful of awfulness. Granted the title I settled on isn’t the most amazing thing ever either, but it’s…better XD

What would your two line story be?