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Stuck to our pegs, we exchanged disconsolate glances from across the room, though he was less likely to give up than I, just as he’d been in our first lives.

“This recipe is too potent,” he insisted, the wooden hinges of his lower jaw clicking, “You’ll explode your lab. What good are we if you don’t listen to our advice?”


Image by Zeen Chin

I cheated again. What is that? Four lines? But it’s dialogue! It’s not as realistic if it’s all convoluted and long XD

Got a little creative on this one since I didn’t want the girl to be my main, so…I used that nifty, large-toothed mask on the wall. He’s my ‘he’ and the POV is out of sight against the opposite wall.

What would you do with this story? I won’t say use two lines, since I already broke that rule, but which direction would you go? And can you still make it man-loving at the same time? That’s the real challenge for some of these image prompts ;)