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Holiday season is upon us! I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even started to wrap presents yet. Actually, I’ve only barely begun on decorations, if a table runner can be called a beginning.

November’s accomplishments and an announcement:

First half of November was spent conjointly finishing up a couple of things for Those Bloody Christmas Elves and working on Lost Isle. However, instead of this novel being set up for sale in December, I’ve set up Pup Games. The reason behind this is two-fold.

The first is because during the beginning of the month when I was working on finishing up the last few chapters in Lost Isle, I came to a difficult dilemma. I realized that in order to write the story I wanted to write I needed to toss the outlined ending I had in store and add another two plot-threads. This meant that instead of having a shorter 60k novel that I thought it would be, the novel is going to be closer to 100k. Which was something I wasn’t prepared for.

This change would also create a cliffhanger-type ending within the romantic arc rather than the HFN that was originally intended, which was the second problem because I don’t want to publish a cliffhanger without the second novel shortly following.

So I’ve made a swap in the schedule, exchanging Pup Games for Lost Isle. Pup Games is now set up for a December release since it’s a standalone with no cliffhanger ending. While Lost Isle will be released in the spring, closer to when it’s sequel will come out.

(A Houndmaster Novel)
December 21, 2017
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There’s a time for games…

No crush compares to reality. That’s what La’vii learns when the pregnancy of one of his dogs puts him in close proximity to his unrequited puphood crush. Only, instead of being worse than La’vii’s dreams, reality is far more intriguing than he’d ever imagined.

Co’mil is strong and sure, a steady presence that is everything La’vii’s ever desired. And at this moment, with a litter born and wreaking havoc in his pack’s collective mind, he can use all the support he can get. But Co’mil’s friendly, though reserved, behavior is confusing, his interest evident, but his rejection firm, leaving La’vii conflicted and desperately wanting more.

As his puphood crush dissolves, La’vii finds himself caught in the throes of a far more real emotion that seems as if it’ll never be reciprocated. By the time he discovers what Co’mil truly needs, La’vii isn’t sure he’s the houndmaster for the job or whether the reward is even worth the challenge.

A houndmaster coming of age novel set in the same world as The Wilds Duology.

I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season :)