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Song for the Wilds is the title for the second book in The Wilds Duology. Gay romance/adventure fantasy series.

Coming December 24th!

I’m not putting up the blurb yet because I want to do that closer to when Haunt of the Wilds will be published, but here is the awesome cover for Song, also done by Deranged Doctor Designs.

Song For The Wilds eBook CoverSong For The Wilds eBook CoverHere’s a smaller version of the cover.

Aaaand…random story time :)

Most of Song takes place in a plane devoid of a sun, but for half the year the sky is lit with a powerful aurora (Heh, see cover.) I ended up having the people of that plane call the lights gaslights because I like to try and name things using real terms so they might conjure an image. I’ve found this helps over using completely made up words all the time since I don’t have to drop into a paragraph of description every time I introduce something.

Of course, after I’d finished writing both books and was editing them I discovered that gaslight actually refers to some subgenre of steampunk or something or other. I don’t know. People make things up all the time and I feel behind. Like is clockpunk something now? Mythic? Dieselpunk? I’m so done.

At first I freaked, thinking I needed to change gaslights to something else. I even brainstormed a whole bunch of (dumb) ideas. Then I decided–fuck it. I’m keeping it. So gaslights it is and gaslights they will remain.

They are lights. In the sky. Green. Blue. Red. Purple. They’re cool. I like them. They allowed me to have people (like one of my leads) see without a sun–half the time at least :)

Haunt of The Wilds eBook CoverHAUNT OF THE WILDS
The Wilds Duology Book I
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