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So I know technically this is the wrong month for it since November is usually reserved for Nanowrimo happenings, but I thought it would be a fun idea so I’m doing it anyway.

For the month of November, I’m going to do the A-Z challenge where I post every day (except Saturdays) with the topic of the post starting with the corresponding letter.

Haunt of The Wilds eBook CoverHowever, I’m doing it with a twist. Every post is going to be some sort of teaser for my upcoming novel publications. I’ve got short stories, poems, character interviews, (fake) book excerpts, (real) book excerpts, photos of my (admittedly crappy, but useful) maps, character diary entries, letters and even a quiz (because Q…) If that doesn’t excite you, I’m using the word Zombify for Z.

Basically lots of free fun wordage :)

Haunt of the Wilds, Book I in The Wilds Duology, is a gay romance/adventure fantasy novel coming out on December 3rd. It’s on preorder now on Amazon for .99c.