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GRAVE (Curtain Chasers: Book Two) has been published. It is the second novella in a gay paranormal romance trilogy. About 37k words long. Read Chapter One Here!

*ALLEY (Curtain Chasers Book One) will be on sale through June 15th-June 17th for only $0.99.*

Links for ALLEY: Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Scribd | Inktera
Links for GRAVE: Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Scribd | Inktera

Grave - Curtain Chasers Book 2A few random facts about this novella:

1) I did not make up any of the strangely named born-agains mentioned in this story. I am, however, tweaking them to my benefit so they are more in line with my system.

2) There are less chapters, but more words, in Grave than in Alley.

3) I created a short glossary to include in Grave and only added it to Alley afterwards.

4) In my original outline, one of the small twists at the end went the opposite direction. I found that it would have made the ending a little more drawn-out and clunky so I scrapped that idea. Can’t say more without giving it away.

5) The character of Ella was created for a different novel. In that story she only exists via emails. I wanted to keep her that way for Grave, but, you know, things happen and that wouldn’t have made sense. Plus, I think she was annoyed at not having a real voice.

6) Grave has my favorite cover in the trilogy.