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Nothing But Seaweed & Other Stories has been published. This collection is made up of six stories that were originally published here on my website. There is no change to any of the stories. The specific stories included are listed at the end of the description. They are all M/F and were written in the same general style.

Nothing But Seaweed - Version 2 - High ResolutionNOTHING BUT SEAWEED
& Other Stories

M/F Fantasy Romance Shorts
14k words

The sea-foam cavalry’s beauty is only surpassed by its cruelty.

Imeline and Quinn have grown up together, bonding over their shared love of watching the sea-foam cavalry pass in the night on its way to defend the roads outside their town. After years of flirting and teasing, the two finally sneak down to the beach to see the cavalry arrive upon the shore.

But when the sea-foam cavalry thunders out of the ocean, its protective nature devolves into something more sinister. Imeline is left to wonder if her love has been misplaced because now neither her life nor Quinn’s will ever be the same and their budding romance seems a hopeless endeavor.

This collection also includes the short stories My Sister’s Shoes, Under the Black Stars, But Flesh Among the Storm, Bed of Starlight and Every Wine-Flavored Exhale.