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Shatter by Glass Cover Loose Id Novel Erotica Romance Emmi Lawrence
Shatter By Glass cover designed by April Martinez

Shatter By Glass has been published. A 65k word novel–gay mystery/fantasy romance.

A big Thank You to everyone on the Loose Id team who worked with me on this novel, especially my editor, Kierstin. This story was written for Loose’s Homecoming call and I had a blast creating the world.

A few random facts about the novel:

1) I wrote the entire first scene in both 1st and 3rd person because I was having trouble choosing which POV to use. Ultimately picked the 1st person version for the simple reason that I wrote it first. Yes, it was that scientific.

2) Was supposed to be a 25-30k novella. Whelp, I was only half off.

3) I considered turning the novel into a M/F with Marona being the Love Interest because I thought they had better chemistry… What is this? Am I directing a movie? Do I not have any control over my characters? …Don’t answer that.

4) I spent an entire day coming up with the first paragraph. Sad. I know.

5) One of the characters I created for this story ended up never making an appearance. Wish I could say it was on purpose, but no. I just forgot him. He obviously made such a huge impression on me.

6) My favorite character is Salain Dusari.