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The Cascade and The Firebrand has been published. This story is a 5400 word fantasy story featuring a m/m pair.

I had been meaning to write a shaman story for a long time, the idea in limbo because I wasn’t sure how to make it different from a few other ideas I had already created in a novel I’d finished a couple of years ago. I took a couple different nuggets I’d planted haphazardly in a few shorter stories I’d written–some that had been published and some not–and came up with at least a semi-organized shamanistic city. The story itself is micro oriented so there’s not too much detail about the world surrounding the main characters, but I feel as if it’s a good start to something. A place I can definitely extend at my own pace.

And…it was a ton of fun to write. One of those stories that calls for you to revisit now, not later.

As a note about the totem names–they are taken from Latin. No, my worlds don’t technically have Latin, but I felt it was a good way to title the denizens that inhabit the totems of certain elements without completely making up their names or going with typical and/or over-used names.

Next Sunday, Sept 14: If These Walls Could Talk (f, ss, m/f) – They could do any number of nasty things.