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For Want of a Man has been published, a fantasy short story of about 4200 words featuring a M/F pair.

The idea behind this story had probably been rolling around in my mind for years before I finally wrote even a single word. Even then, I ended up getting bogged down instantly because I know almost zero about cars. Really. To the point where I’m asking just about a million questions of my SO for simple things. Once I got a couple of basic things down I was able to get the story onto more familiar fantasy ground so that the story flowed out a little better…and then it got bogged down a second time and sat for months…

…Until I finally went back and erased the last two paragraphs I’d written where a character had started acting out of character. I don’t remember exactly why I even picked the story back up (since there’d been some serious consideration for trunking the thing) but I’m glad I did.

As a random side note, this was the first time I had to worry about trademarks since I don’t normally write in modern settings.

Next Sunday, Aug 10: My Sister’s Shoes (fantasy, mini, m/f) – She only meant to borrow them.