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Purest of Intentions, a short piece of about 700 words, has been published. The protagonist is male and the couple is female so I filed it under M/F even though that’s not exactly right.

I know a lot of people don’t like prompts, but I happen to love them. This story came from one. A very strange prompt. I asked someone for a thing I could turn magical. I got back…”a doorknob.” Yeah. How exactly do I make that sexual? So I’m thinking all about opening doors or magical doors when I got another response…”keyhole.” I guess the thought process was that the keyhole was on the doorknob.

So I figured, if you’re looking through a keyhole at whatever’s beyond then technically you’re spying. It was only a short jump from that using scrying in order to spy on someone else and that could easily be made sexual. So you get…Purest of Intentions.

Next Sunday, July 13th: To the Sound of the Ocean (contemporary, mini, m/f) – Only the seagulls bear witness.