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Word Lovers has been published, a mini piece of about 500 words. It doesn’t really feature a particular pairing, but the character is female so I listed it as a m/f.

I have a lot of difficulty writing pieces shorter than a thousand words. Most of the problem is that stories that short, by default, tend to not have much of a plot (if any) or a whole lot of characterization. Thus, they don’t truly feel like stories and instead read like scenes or synopses of longer works. Mostly, that’s what they are, technically speaking, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any good or not worth writing/reading.

In the end, it’s all about creating something bite-sized that ends in a satisfying manner, regardless of whether it can be classified as a “story” or not.

Word Lovers came about because I was specifically trying to write a mini piece. I only had a limited amount of time to write that day so, instead of letting my mind take hold of any extra ideas and run with them, I contained the urge. I’m pretty happy with the result and have been experimenting with writing more minis since then.

Sunday, July 6th: Purest of Intentions (fantasy, mini, m/f) – His scrying has never gone so wrong.