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An Indomitable Fire has been published, a fantasy short story of about 4200 words. This story features Bradd and Cerci from Thawing Out and Water Play so you can also go check those stories out to see the first two pieces of their story.

There are a lot of random name generators floating around on the internet. Most are fun to play with but normally never give anything of any real merit. Mostly, I’ll use them when I’m bored and hoping some of the randomly thrown together words might spark something. That’s what happened in this case. “Drum of Ooze” popped up and I instantly thought of Cerci and Bradd and what kind of fun they might have with something like that. They do tend to be my fun-loving, slightly humorous couple.

I’m publishing today instead of tomorrow because I’m going to be out of town tomorrow. The trip extends past next Sunday as well, so instead of attempting to do anything weird while I don’t have access to a computer I’m going to skip next Sunday and begin again the Sunday after. So…

Sunday, June 29th: Word Lovers – They parade, unashamed of their wantonness.