The Muddy Layers of Love has been published. This story is about 5400 words and features a M/F pair.

I’ve been experimenting with some ideas revolving around the concept of multiple suns. Completely fantasy oriented because I don’t want to get into the true science behind the idea of stars and their gravitational pulls and how more than two might be scientifically impossible. I probably will try to incorporate a few (and I mean a few) realities if a story leans that way, but so far I haven’t had the need to worry about tidal or weather issues or even delve into the massive differences in animal mutations and how they would have adapted to that environment.

At this point, I’m assuming—though I haven’t done the complete sketch—that the world would have to revolve around all of the suns, meaning that at certain times in the given ‘year’ that some suns would be closer/farther away than others. With the addition of magical elements associated with each sun, that distance might become incredibly important, meaning that depending on how long an orbit is (which at this point I’m considering being potentially decades/centuries) that the world’s magic, or at least it’s dominant power, could be constantly in flux. Thus the idea for finding ways to capture and concentrate power when a sun is close.

It’s an idea in progress.

This story doesn’t actually have a lot to do with the suns, but I did have some references to them so I wanted to make a mention as to what that was about. In fact, this story has far more to do with mud than anything else.

Next Sunday, May 25th: Nothing But Seaweed (fantasy, short story, M/F) – The beauty of the cavalry is only surpassed by their cruelty.